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Windows Geniune Advantage

By joe11701 ·
I am responsible to deploy workstations at my company. A question came up in a meeting about our images and WGA.
I set up an image using an OEM version of WINXP/SP2. as a result the product key is the same on all the pc's i've imaged. how does WGA react to this? does it take enough info about the pc to make it unique, or does the product key trump all?

We are working toward a volume licensed image that will be SYSPREP'ed and imaged so further rollouts should be ok, i hope.

I'm not sure where to find the information i need to make a call on this.

thanks in advance.

Joe Ambrose

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WGA will throw a fit...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Windows Geniune Advantage

WGA will complain to high heaven because of the duplicate keys. I'd expect a visit from Redmond......

I'd wait until you have your volume license key if possible, or see this link from MSFT -->

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i don't see the complaint

by joe11701 In reply to WGA will throw a fit...

Everything appears ok, i don't see even a hint of complaint about duplicate keys.

I have a volume license version of WINXP/SP2 (and SP3)

how would i go about removing the duplication of the keys? Besides reimaging that is....

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by cmiller5400 In reply to i don't see the complaint

Did you use the OEM license key?

If you used the volume license key you are fine as it doesn't require activation.

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OEM key...

by joe11701 In reply to Well...

that's the problem. i used an OEM copy of WINXP to base the image on.

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Very tricky area...

by cmiller5400 In reply to OEM key...

I'd call Microsoft on this one. Better to have the answer from the Horses mouth than the Horses (well you know what ).

If my memory serves me correctly, I don't think that the EULA allows you to image the OEM system for distributions to other PC's. I could be wrong though...

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Imaging would be faster

by IC-IT In reply to i don't see the complaint

but you could run a repair, then get the updates.

You are definately in violation with the same OEM key on multiple machines

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if want to remove it

by Sultan1984 In reply to Windows Geniune Advantage

if u want to remove wagatray
just go to system32 fimles and find wagtray and change the name and restart ur pc then its will not apparent again

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That won't help if audited

by IC-IT In reply to if want to remove it

There would still be the issue of fines.

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we need to stay in compliance.....

by joe11701 In reply to if want to remove it

this will come to bite in the you-know-where
i need to find out 1) can we replace the OEM key with a volume key. or...

reimage every pc.... (oh yeah!)

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reimage (faster) or repair

by IC-IT In reply to we need to stay in compli ...

The VLK will not work different type of license.
One of my techs did this years ago - resulting in 134 system needing a reimage.
Disjoin one cleanup any system specific files (i.e. SMS, Altiris, Counterspy, EPOL, etc). Repair, update from WSUS, sysprep, and then pull/push the image.

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