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    Windows Genuine Advantage


    by alashhar ·

    hi all

    recently i read an article in techrepublic blogs ( )about the ability to make your Windows XP genuine by changing any the key.

    i have installed windows xp from pirate CD into Dell PCs, after that i changed their Windows Key to one which is fixed on their case (proof of license). after that i update these windows XP successfully, finally i received a message from windows told me that my windows is not genuine.

    what is the wrong in my story

    note: i have asked the same question but i did not get convincing answer

    thank you all

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      by alashhar ·

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      How about

      by cmiller5400 ·

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      How about installing it legally first? What a concept!!

      Those pirate cd’s may be missing files and full of viruses and malware. Ditch them and get a legal copy of XP or call dell and get the restore cd’s. it will make your life much easier in the long run.

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        they were not be found

        by alashhar ·

        In reply to How about

        i agree, but they lost them

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      Couple Questions

      by rkuhn040172 ·

      In reply to Windows Genuine Advantage

      Is the pirated CD the same version as your legal key?

      For example, if the CD is for XP Home and your key is for XP Pro, it won’t work.

      Or, if the pirated CD is for XP Pro but for volume licensing and your keys are for individual PC’s, it won’t work.

      Your best bet is still to go the 100% legal route and contact the manufacturer.

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        TWO WAYS

        by honey_11 ·

        In reply to Couple Questions

        1. get the legal copy of windows

        2. search A software named ” make ur copy of windows legal” would be there deep inside there but i would anything for making it legal.

        Of course, u will have to make id but its free & will get more magic like softwares.

        good luck!

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        it is logic

        by alashhar ·

        In reply to Couple Questions

        the both CDs are Win XP Pro. it is logic that the individual Key does not work with windows xp pro installation volume licensing.

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to Windows Genuine Advantage

      As stated in the previous answers, the best fix is to purchase the actual Dell restore CDs for the systems you have.

      As to your question of what went wrong, or why you have the problem you have, it has to do with the distribution not matching.

      Microsoft has made a number of different XP distributions over the life of XP. The product key MUST match the distribution in order for it to be accepted as valid.

      From the most simple aspect, if these laptops were originally sold in the US with English version copies of XP and you are installing a different language version, the key would not match the source files.

      There are also files that are different on some OEM distributions, and if the correct files are not there, the key will be seen as invalid.

      Like it or not, you may need to purchase licenses, or even retail copies of XP that are of the correct version and language.


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        OEM Licenses & License Info.

        by alashhar ·

        In reply to Distributions

        thank you for helpful reply, but i have more questions:

        (1) lets suppose that the OEM license on the case is distributed for dell only and it is individual key. so my pirate Windows XP pro (volume License) will not work becouse of the above two reasons .
        if i got windows xp pro CD (OEM Licence) coming with other dell pc which different to my pc in the type only, will it work?

        (2)there is any way to get information about any OEM licenses.

        (3)can i get OEM license which not stick with manufacture name and it can be transfered to any other pc.

        thank you all

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          Answers to your questions

          by cmiller5400 ·

          In reply to OEM Licenses & License Info.

          1 – It will not work.
          2 – What information do you want?
          3 – NO!!! OEM’s are only good for the PC that they are [b]first installed[/b] on. Once installed, they [b]CAN NOT[/b] be moved to another PC legally.

          EDIT: OEM’s can also be manufacture specific. Meaning Dell stickers only work will Dell CD’s/machines, Lenovo only work with Lenovo CD’s/machines etc.

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      This pretty well sums it up

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to Windows Genuine Advantage

      A Volume License is the license given to a software version sold to businesses under a direct purchase agreement with Microsoft, and is sold as an upgrade license only, meaning that a previous license must be available for each new volume license. Volume license versions of Windows XP use a Volume License Key (VLK) which is a product key that does not require Windows Product Activation. The term “Volume License Key” refers to the ability to use one product key for multiple systems, depending on the type of agreement. Since Windows XP Volume License versions do not require product activation, this led to leaked copies of VLK media and product keys from businesses leading to piracy of Windows XP which quickly spread across the internet upon early release. Beginning with Service Pack 1, Microsoft’s active attempts to search out and blacklist known pirated VLK product keys became well known due to the inability to install the service pack on a system with one of the blacklisted keys. Later, this led to the Windows Genuine Advantage program.

      < just to add >
      Sign up as a M$ Partner it has a lot of benefits.

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      some of my experience (resellers)

      by alashhar ·

      In reply to Windows Genuine Advantage

      thank you all for your replying

      (1)when i asked the reseller of Dell or HP computers, always they ask about which OS and OEM License i like in the PC. although the PC already are in their store. so maybe the resellers use “Microsoft and OEM System Builder Licensing” to create the OEM license as TRUE BLUE replied (

      (2) also a company received some HP PCs with Vista OEM License, although the package includes two CDs for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

      i concluded from the above experience the following:

      (a) the possibility to ask the reseller to assign general OEM license, means i can transfer the license from PC to other (not stick with Dell or HP PCs)

      (b) the possibility to use a pirate Windows XP (not volume license) with OEM license.

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