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windows (get ready to laugh) 3.1

By samthetrue ·
i am trying to get a windows 3.1 to conect to the internet for email and general web surfing... its a toshiba satellite T2105CS... a computer for the smithsonian when its owner gets done with it...

what do i need to do to get this done? i have the card and cords to make it work acording to the previous owner... but i have spent a 3 hours working on it (half that time looking at the star trek screensaver i must admit...)

for those who arn't old enough to remember windows 3.1 it was before the start bar we all know...

i apriciate any help although i dont expect anyone to know...


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by zlitocook In reply to windows (get ready to lau ...

Did a quick search, there is still alot of software for 3.1.
Internet Explorer 5.0 for Windows 3.1 includes software for connecting to a dialup Internet provider. You can download it from: TUCOWS

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by Amberdell In reply to windows (get ready to lau ...

What have you done so far? The IP stack is part of dialup networking in Win 3.1. It was prone to corruption and was repaired by uninstalling then reinstalling Dialup Networking.

I'd have to knock the dust off of and crank up a museum piece to look at the screens. Old notes point to the protocol.ini file. There was an Internet connetion wizard on the connections tab of IE|Tools|Internet Options that I used to use. Good Luck!

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by TheChas In reply to windows (get ready to lau ...

Windows 3.1 and the 16 bit version of IE 4 or Netscape Communicator should work fine for email. You can download either or both from the browser archive at

Web browsing with this antique is another story.

Many web sites are just not going to work at all with older browsers.

Then, there is the issue of virus protection and hackers.

All in all, it is just a bad idea to go online with this old of an OS.

Assuming that you get this working, I would be sure to caution the user about the risks involved.

I do have 19MB of assorted Windows 3.11 updates that I downloaded several years ago from Microsoft if you should need them.

I also have versions of PKZip and WinZip that will run under DOS and Windows 3.11.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to windows (get ready to lau ...

Well to be perfectly honest the last time that I tried setting up a Win 3X system I gave up and upgraded it to 95 as it was easier and just plain faster to do. I got Win 3.11 running perfectly but couldn't get the Network Connection to work right.

I guess that I've forgotten far more than I wish to think about but honestly I got sick & tired of trying to get it to work on my LAN so I eventually gave up and dropped in a 95 Upgrade CD. It was honestly far less painful to get working. One day when I'm feeling particularly in the mood to inflict pain on myself I might try another 3.11 Installation on a LAN just to have the completed Windows Product range running here. But it's not something that going to happen soon.


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