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windows hangs

By ameenmh ·
I have a pc PIV with XP Pro SP2 . the pc boots and then logs on normally. The problem is that the pc then hangs after 4-5 mins and no display is seen. cud someone tell what the prob cud be.

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by zlitocook In reply to windows hangs

It could be alot of things, check your event logs to see if there are any problems. There are lots of ways to get to Event Viewer, but I typically hit Start, Run, and type eventviewer. There are typically three logs available, look for system events. This will show you what runs right and wrong.
When your system hangs it is trying to find/load some thing. Boot into safe mode to see if it loads faster, if loads faster then thier maybe a program that ether takes along time to load or can not load. That is a good reason to look at the event log.
Another reason maybe that you have malware on your computer, your computer could be loading a Trojan or starting a service that lets you be a bot.
Do you use antiviral software and is it updated? Down load Spybot search and destroy, Adaware SE, Stinger from McAfee. Use a good firewall and always backup your stuff!

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by dmiles In reply to windows hangs

This could be a number of things,first start off by checking the power cords and all cable connections.

Check the monitor on another system to see if it still works

You may have to open the computer case,check the memory and video card to make sure they are properly set in the slots.
If you have another video card replace it and see if the other card will work

Check the memory by reseating it

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by icom In reply to windows hangs

there many solutions to ur problem.
1.chech to see if ur screen is going into hibernate mode by right clicking on the desktop to go into display settings the click screensaver. on that page there is a section on energy saving for monitor. click setting and change the power scheme to always on.
2.ur heat sink and fan needs to be replaced, it might not be cooling the processor adequately.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to windows hangs

Sounds like a heat issue. If your motherboard supports thermal monitoring, in the BIOS there should be a section to monitor the temperatures. The other thing could be that you have bad memory or CPU. I once had a P4 3.06 system that would lock up randomly. It ended up being the CPU that was bad. I would sugguest that you download a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD. There are memory test programs and stress testers that should make the system crack. Good Luck!!

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by shuja52 In reply to windows hangs

First of all see whether ur able to run windows in safe mode for a long?
Then see if you have made any screen saver run like "idle time"
If you are able to run Windows in safe mode for A long, then run msconfig and see startup tab, and see what items running there those are unknown to you, uncheck these all and restart your PC.. All the best

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by BeachNet In reply to windows hangs

Any further details?
does it hang whatever you are doing?
Does the screen just go blank or does the picture just freeze?
is there hard drive activity?
does it reboot?

sounds like a heat problem or a memeory stick problem - but we need more info!

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Similar Problem, but...

by i-am-neo-i-am-in-the-matrix In reply to

I am not sure, but I have a similar problem, one of our computers will randomly go "blank"; as if monitor shuts off, have tried multiple monitors, this occurs even after just booting, so overheating is not an issue.
although after booting it will almost always happen if internet explorer is launched.
Have tried multiple virus and adware scans, have used the smitfraud fix, and still problem.
graphics card is an onboard chip, system is dell optiplex g270 P-IV w/256MB RAM, 80GB HDD, and is used primarily as a workstation.
Anyone have any ideas?

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