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I'm new to WHS - how can I take a file that's on the server and make it into a URL that i can email so someone can download the file. I don't want to give access to the server at all - just the download link for a specific file.

Is there an add-in for that? Please help!

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So you want a publically accessed server

by Slayer_ In reply to WINDOWS HOME SERVER - mak ...

That has no content other than your link?

Then simply place the file, and make the link, whats the issue?

If you have no domain name, you can use your IP address.

<strong>XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX</strong> replace this with your IP address. If you do not know it, visit this website.


Simple as that.

Or if you want a DNS, I used to recommend

There are other services that do the same thing for free.

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If I read it right

by seanferd In reply to So you want a publically ...

He want's to be able to host a file (and create a link to that file) <i>without</i> allowing access to the server. This makes no sense.

He will have to allow public access to at least one file/directory on the server. I don't know anything about WHS in particular, so I don't know if you'd use some form of sharing, and whether you could use a password to protect the file/directory.

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Even without any configs, wouldn't .htaccess work?

by Slayer_ In reply to If I read it right

Or is that more of an apache thing?

He'd be better off using FTP he could then provide a link and a login and password.

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