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Windows Home Server v1.0 and WHS BDBB

By john.jentzema ·
My current WHS system is suffering from a CPU overheating problem. I logged its core temp at 120 degrees C one warm day despite the case being ventilated with three case fans. So, it is time for a motherboard and CPU upgrade.

I have come across the WHS BDBB add-in that professes to do a full backup of the database of the client backups. My questions are:

Does this add-in actually produce a reliable database backup that I can migrate to the new system so that my original backups can be restored if needed?

There is a registry backup done by BDBB. Does this backup the registry of the server itself or just of the client computers?

If the backup is of the server registry, won't that overwrite the new registry of the new system?

Hope you can help.


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What's the CPU's Heat Sink Like?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows Home Server v1.0 ...

If it's clogged with Crud that will cause the thing to overheat.

The rest I'm not sure about but if M$ provides it I personally wouldn't expect it to work very well. None of their other Backup Utilities do a Great Job they are just Good Enough if you know the Tricks that they have and as a First Time use I wouldn't be placing my Hopes on it working reliably.


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Reponse To Answer

by john.jentzema In reply to What's the CPU's Heat Sin ...

Hi Col,
As a matter of fact, I thought it might be time to check the heatsink and fan before building the server about 6 months ago. I removed the heatsik assembly from the CPU, washed the dust out of it, cleaned the CPU and heatsink bottom with alcohol and replaced the thermal compound. So, all is well there.

The CPU is an old AMD cempron. They tend to run a bit hot any way, but a peak core temp of 120 degrees C in a room with an ambient temp of about 26 degrees C is way too high. I have two 120 mm fans in a push/pull config in the case and an additional 80 mm fan forcing external air down the air intake for the CPU. I think part of the issue is that I have 8 hard disks in the system. I may need to liquid cool the CPU using something like a Corsair H80.

As for WHS BDBB, it was developed by Alex Kuretz of I agree, most stuff that M? comes up with is suspect in quality, afterall, they admit that their software is buggy when it's released, or so I've heard anyway. I've never really trusted their backup utilities and when I attempted a restore once, it failed miserably!

Thanks for your help,

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