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    Windows icons gone crazy, what hit me?


    by michelinda ·

    All my icons are switched around. For instance, my “My Computer” icon is really the one for “Outlook”, the one for “My Documents” belongs to “IE”. Outlook sports my “McAfee” icon. My “Show Desktop” in Quick launch shows the “Media Player” icon. Not just Windows programs either. But the others I can correct with the right icon through properties, but not my Windows icons. They seem to be permanately broke. The ones in in Office shortcut bar have just disappeared (except for the Office standards), although the shortcuts are in the correct directory and are checkmarked to be visible, they are just gone. Everything was FINE yesterday. And I run two Adware search/kill programs weekly and a good up to date virus scan. Neither finds anything. What happened? Can anyone tell me what to do to get them back… PLEASE… and yes, I have rebooted. Still broke…

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      ShellIconCache Catastrophe

      by keith ·

      In reply to Windows icons gone crazy, what hit me?

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        by gary56789 ·

        In reply to ShellIconCache Catastrophe

        Download and install Tweakui from the Microsoft web site (the XP version is different from the Win9x/NT/2000 version). Click Repair, select Rebuild Icons in the drop-down menu and then click the Repair button.

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      TweakUI is best

      by fadbel ·

      In reply to Windows icons gone crazy, what hit me?

      I’ve been using TweakUi since it was only called “Power Toys” and the response about how the fix for your situation can be handled is 100% correct.
      You will also find other “Power Toys” at that Microsoft web site. Most are extremely useful even though unsupported by Microsoft. These Power Toys are Microsoft Tech’s tools they developed for their own use and are sharing with all.
      Kudos to them!

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      system restore

      by mikepinz ·

      In reply to Windows icons gone crazy, what hit me?

      before downloading even more programs to your computer, try a simple System Restore. It has gotten me out of many jams and is really easy to do. You don’t loose any newly downloaded files any all your policies are restored to when you computer was working fine.

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      Folder Properties

      by aaron a baker ·

      In reply to Windows icons gone crazy, what hit me?

      If I were you, I would go to the Explorer Folder, then to Menu {At the top} \ Tools \ Folder Options.
      In here is where you’ll find all your program connections and corresponding icons.
      It’s a rather long and tedious process, but what you probably will have to do is go down the list and instruct them to use the “default” icon.Be sure you do this correctly. Whatever went wrong, it went wrong in here.
      This is the very heart of that area that decides, what programs run what and what Icons are associated with.
      So I would check it out.
      Tweak UI for XP Pro is excellent as a back up but the fact remains that something somewhere, “that you probably added” without knowing is probably the culprit, I would check this out too.
      Above all, don’t let programs like WinMS or Kazaa or other of those “types” take over your computer. They go in innocently enough, but then try to take over and run everything. Same can be said of Real Player, QuickTime and a host of many other programs, trick is, don’t LET them. Check every one of them out and make sure that it “Only” the job that you want it too. Chances are, somewhere along the way, you’ll find the culprit.
      However, in this area, when you reset an icon to it’s default standing, you will do so for the whole computer, which I assume, is what you want.
      Then I would definitely put in Tweak, it’ also a great Guardian.
      On top of that I would add MS Regclean, and MS Checklinks, these are invaluable and they do a great job of keeping everything in order.
      Hope this helps a little. Good Luck, hope it works out.

      I’ll have to think a little more on this.
      Warmest Regards
      Aaron ]:)

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      System Restore

      by ndcold1 ·

      In reply to Windows icons gone crazy, what hit me?

      A system restore should bring it all back. if this is your office computer my first guess as to what happened is that some one thought it would be a funny joke to switch them.

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