Windows Insignia Touchscreen Laptop-refuses to boot into another OS ???

By tspad4778 ·
Hi everyone, I'm new to tech republic, but I'm already loving it. I have a question which I have tried everything on but cannot fix on my own.

I have an Insignia laptop from Best Buy, running Windows 10.
I recently tried to boot it into Linux, specifically the newest version of Ubuntu, from a USB drive, which is 16GB.
I went into the advanced recovery menu, and selected the option that lets you boot into removable media, and chose something like "UEFI USB: Partition 1" which should have been the partition with Ubuntu formartted, on the USB.
The screen went black, and then showed the manufacturer (Insignia) and some loading screens, which is what has happened to every other PC I have put a new OS onto. And, the USB red light began flashing.
However, it just booted into windows.
It even did this when I went into the firmware settings and disabled windows recovery and windows boot as boot options.
Sorry for such a long post, wanted to give as many details as possible, thanks for any help or reply.
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Did you disable secure boot?

Also, what bootloader are you using on the USB stick?
You may also need the UEFI files in the 1st partition of the USB stick, which MUST be formatted FAT32. Check the Ubuntu forums for help on this, although other forums have some information as well (like the Puppy Linux forum) but those 2 things are what I remember off the top of my head.

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by tspad4778 In reply to Did you disable secure bo ...

Thanks so much for replying, it helped a lot
I did have secure boot enabled, but I did not think of checking if the EUFI files were formatted as FAT32.
I believe the bootloader is GNU GRUB.
Thanks again,
I'll check some other forums

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by tspad4778 In reply to Thanks

I made a small type, I meant to say that secure boot was disabled.

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