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    Windows Installation


    by p070590 ·

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible (and if possible, how) to have two installations of W10 on different physical disks of the same pc that do not see or be accessible to each other. The intention is that if one of the two operating systems were to be infected with some type of virus, malware, ransomware, etc., this could not affect the other operating system. Thanks a lot.

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      Normally? No.

      by rproffitt ·

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      But if you had some hardware SATA switch, sure.

      Then we move to Virtual Machines like VirtualBox which I use. Keep in mind I don’t do virus, malware or such research but it’s relatively unheard of for a VM to infect the host.

      Example hardware switch:

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      Reply To: Windows Installation

      by kees_b ·

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      You can set one of the two disks to read-only (using diskpart). Then use the other one. If that gets infected, run diskpart again to activate the second disk (preferably from the recovery console) and boot from that.
      That second disk is only usable as an archive to store your movie collection or so, since it’s read-only. But it’s safe. Your choice.

      Don’t use the original hard disk again until you’re sure it’s totally free of malware.

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      Dual Booting Is The Solution

      by MilesWeb679 ·

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      Yes, it is possible to install Windows 10 on two different physical disks and run both at the same time. This phenomenon is known as dual-booting. You don’t have to worry about the security as each operating system is isolated from the others.
      But before that there are some reboot activity that you have to conduct each time while switching operating systems.

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        Re: dual booting

        by kees_b ·

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        The files and folders on the “other” disk can be seen and accessed after booting from one. That doesn’t seem to be what the poster of the thread starter is asking for.

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      installations of W10

      by emmabarr981 ·

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      it is possible to have two installations of Windows 10 on different physical disks of the same PC in such a way that they do not see or be accessible to each other. This setup is known as dual-booting with isolation between the operating systems. Here’s how you can achieve this:

      Prepare the Disks: Ensure that you have two separate physical hard drives or SSDs installed in your PC. Make sure they are properly connected and recognized by your system.

      Install Windows 10 on Each Disk: Install Windows 10 separately on each of the disks. During installation, ensure that you select the correct disk for each installation. This will create two completely separate installations of Windows 10.

      Configure Boot Options: By default, Windows will set up a boot manager that allows you to choose which operating system to boot into when you start your computer. You can configure the boot options to only show the operating system installed on the disk you want to boot from.

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