windows installation error

By eyera3 ·
server 2003. Win XP SP 3 desktop
Setting up client machine.

Had Office 2003 installed. got an error message every time I launched or shut down Excel. research said it was a Adobe conflict issue.
I uninstalled both Adobe Reader and Office. Found pieces of a previous install of Office. Used a 3rd party uninstaller to remove all bits of Office.
When I tried a clean install of Office 2003, I get a windows Installer error telling me that the Administrator has Policies to prevent installation of program. I can install any none Microsoft product just fine.
I have followed MS suggestions, but there are no GPO or local policies in place that I can locate.
Any ideas, short of blowing out the machine and starting over?

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I would use system restore

by robo_dev In reply to windows installation erro ...

Recover back to the original problem.

With respect to conflicts like the Adobe/Excel problem, sometimes a tool like Systernals RegMon, FileMon, and SysMon can sort these out quickly. These are free.

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restore won't launch

by eyera3 In reply to I would use system restor ...

I got an error trying to launch the restore. It won't launch.

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You are logged in as Administrator, right?

If so, check the Control Panel Applet for Users and see if some Admin at some time or other set permissions so strict that not even the admin can install anything.

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I am the Admin who set up the network

by eyera3 In reply to You are logged in as Admi ...

yes I am logged in as admin both locally and then as part of the Domain. All worked before I did clean uninstall of all Office modules with a 3rd party uninstaller. can in stall non Microsoft programs, just can't install Office....

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OK, then it could be some leftovers in registry

Might be able to fire up RegEdit and search for references to the removed version of Office. I'd be wary of removing "root" key entries, in case you have other programs that use some of Office's files, like Word Viewer or some such. Of course, backing up the registry first before changing anything is good practice. Might want to remove any fragments of Adobe Reader left in there also. Once that's done, save the changes and restart Windows. Log back in and see if the Office installer will run.

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I thought of something else

There could also be some Windows Updates to the Office subsystem that you'll need to uninstall using Control Panel, Add/Remove Software. Including service packs and security fixes. Might check that prior to editing the registry.

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windows installer

by eyera3 In reply to I thought of something el ...

uninstalled SP3 and all Office updates.....

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That should be OK

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to windows installer

It should have rolled it back to SP2. From there you should be able to re-install Office 03 and then SP3.
Forgot to mention you could try to boot into Safe Mode, then use that Admin account, but I'm not sure it would have worked to allow Office to install in such limited video mode.

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windows error

by eyera3 In reply to That should be OK

tried safe mode install, no joy. Roll back did not help. Unable to launch restore/ Nothing seems to work to bypass "policies" error. Trying to avoid **** out and re-install.
Will try upgrade to SP3 installation disk to see if that helps

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