Windows Installation?

By sanwardak ·
I work in computers shop, many time when I try to do clean installation on customers computers, it take me long time to complete the work, because some driver take me long time to find. Is there any way I can preinstall the window and keep backup of the installed windows and restore into customer pc and use their own product key also if it is possible what happen to the product key I want to use the product key of the customer in the pc which I need to install windows? Some time when we buy second hand pc from our supplier they have installed windows xp on the machine, when I first boot the system it asking me to enter the product key to activate the pc, I don???t know how they done this because windows xp will not allow you to skip the product key during installation. Any help will be highly appreciative.

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You can

by markp24 In reply to Windows Installation?

there are utilties to find the product key for windows, but windows has to be functional on the system.
those two articles may help you with what you need.

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What you are asking about is called a OPK Install

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows Installation?
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About OPK install

by sanwardak In reply to Windows Installation?

Thanks to all of you for the info
I went to MS site I could not find opk for windows xp home oem and pro as I install these systems. There were for xp mode, VM, and window 7, I think I am not in system builder category. I just repair in a shop. I am just looking for a way to speed up the installation process each time customer need windows reinstallation I don???t have to spend 2 hours in installation. I am looking for something to create a pre installed image and just push to the machine, and use the product key of each customer for their own machine only and activate it for them.

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M$ is no longer Supporting OPK Installs for XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows Installation?

They are flat out supplying any Updates for it.

However M$ never had a Downloadable OPK Install they used to supply a OPK Disc with every 3 Pack of OEM Product for XP.

Today I'm not sure where you'll find a XP OPK install for any of that product range.


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You can use This:

by therealjunkman In reply to Windows Installation?

Magical Jellybean, to find the customer's Key, and it is quite legal to use ANY Win XP CD to install, and use the legit key customer had when asked. As for the "impossible to install without the key" WRONG! You CAN install without a key. Two ways. One, an OEM pre-activated version, and two: ANY version... For up to 30 days, before activation was required. One used to be able to extend that another 60 days, I do not know if that is still true. If you use the customer's legitimate key during install, you should be fine. Use Magical Jellybean FIRST, to get that key. IF there is no customer's install disk, or the OS is so damaged it will not boot even in safe mode, to run Magical jellybean, try running it on another machine, pull the hard drive out of the customer's PC, and run it that way, to get the key the customer had. If things are SO totally ruined that THIS won't work, you are going to have a long hard way to go, as you have already discovered. If my memory serves me right, you can get the key from a CD install disk also. (In a working machine)
Good luck.

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