Windows Installer

By hike_on_3 ·
I have added new accounts for students to use my laptop, without passwords and limited user type, while I have a password. Going to the new account the windows installer tries to install a program(?).
there is a long number in that window and it says (above the long number) that it is to install Vongo.msi
Now I have done a search and deleted all vongo files and then from the recycle bin too but it keeps trying to install later. Canceling and clicking the red x in the corner, and it still comes back. Stops it will go away.....

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Installer Cleanup

by willcomp In reply to Windows Installer

Try removing entry using Windows Installer Cleanup utility.

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I would try.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Windows Installer

Reinstalling the program, and then uninstall it. My girlfriends PC had the same issue, and uninstalling it cleanly fixed that annoying issue.

Also, I would recommend not allowing your students to use your Laptop. If they access certain bad sites on the net, or questionable sites. It can be traced back to your computer, and you (as the owner) will be held accountable for their actions. Also your lucky this was the only thing that happened, odds are that if you continue to allow them on your PC, eventually it will not boot... I see this stuff far to often.

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