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    Windows installer


    by alexg1 ·

    Every time I ?click with my mouse? for some program or something else than I receive message on my desk like this?Windows Installer- and my desk is freezes for some time and its take long time for my pc to find any path, and the message coming Windows Installer.
    Thank for help
    I have windows 2000 pro

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      Assuming that you have scanned for viruses, trojans and malware (you did do that, right?), then either some part of Windows or an application, such as Office, is calling the Windows Installer looking for an application.

      What, if any, errors are appearing in the Event Logs?

      If nothing is listed there and you can’t find a virus or malware, assume a damaged program is causing this issue.

      Does the installer fire on any program?

      If so, do an in-place repair of Windows.

      Does it only do it on Microsoft applications?

      Run a repair of the application.

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      by alexg1 ·

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      Yes, this happened after I have clean my pc from vira, and Installer wont some program, but I have deleted this program, Installer wont ?Office 2000 xp?to, and I have reinstall office and now is working.
      This is my rescue link (help to my problem)

      However, if you can help me with this.
      Every time I click with my mouse, so its take very long time to find the path, and I must click with mouse many times for to activate thing
      Thank you and sorry my bad English

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      by blackcurrant ·

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      As well as the suggestions above, you should also make sure that Windows itself is healthy. Run a registry checker and also run the system file checker (SFC.EXE), which will run when you next reboot. SFC will replace any missing or corrupt system files.

      Good luck

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      by alexg1 ·

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