Windows Installer Error 1601/1607 - HELP!

By michaelp ·
Can someone please help me? For the sake of full disclosure - I screwed up. There is a problem with my registry that I cannot resolve. While trying to repair a program that was already installed(QuickBooks) the re-installation failed. I couldn't uninstall or repair the program. I ran Windows Registry Repair Pro and the problem got worse. I think I may have corrupted other areas of my registry. Now I can't install or uninstall any programs (everthing else seems fine). I have restored backup registries, used windows system restore, unregistered/regserver msiexec, installed MSI 4.5, manually entered path info in the MSIServer registry values, accessed dozens of support sites and tried all their solutions -- and noting works. I have been down since last week. I am a tax preparer and I must install my tax software. I am desperate. Call me all the names you like, have a laugh on me, but can anyone help me? Mea Culpa.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Windows Installer Error 1 ...

You could try calling Microsoft (probably will cost you though...) You have tried everything I'd try to fix it (short of reloading the OS).

Unfortunately as you have just found out, "Registry Cleaners" can be very dangerous if not used correctly.

My suggestion, is call MSFT or a local IT shop. Unfortunately, the machine may not be salvageable and may need to be reloaded from a factory image or scratch. Make sure to backup all your important data on it before you do anything else with it; especially if you use EFS on it (I'd export your private certificate if you do).

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Thanks Anyway

by michaelp In reply to Well...

Actually, I left out of my list that on Saturday I did reinstall a clean OS.

Thanks for responding. It's nice to know that at least someone saw my post.

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windows restore

by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Thanks Anyway

Did you try a windows restore ?

there's always someone here.

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If you can get it back to the state before

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Windows Installer Error 1 ...

you ran the registry cleaner, try
RevoUninstaller to see if it solves your quickbooks problem.

Repair pro should have made a date stamped backup of your registry, so you shoud be able to restore that and unf**k it.

Hard lesson to learn this, but when you get into a Try this and see waht happens approach, you should always have a backout route, and if it doesn't fix the problem, you should always apply it. Don't try on top of try.

Best of luck.

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Thanks To All

by michaelp In reply to If you can get it back to ...

I appreciate the suggestions. Thank you to each of you. Live and learn I guess (of course I knew better before, just took a deadly shortcut. Never done that, right?).

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thanks To All

No never...

Tony you is a lying *867^^&^89r.

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