Windows Installer is not very friendly PLEASE HELP !

By mdt1242 ·
My OS is Windows XP Pro. and I am trying to download and install Java to run some investment charts. I get as far as a message box telling me windows are preparing to install Java and then another window pops up saying "this installation pak cant be opened. Verify pak exists and can access or contact application vendor to verify this is a valid Windows installer pak."
I am out of ideas...........thanks

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where are you getting it from

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Windows Installer is not ...

Where are you trying to get JAVA from?

Try going to and let it do a correct install. NOTE: Do the advanced settings during installation so you can turn off the danged automatic GOOGLE desktop/toolbar.

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Been there about 90 times

by mdt1242 In reply to where are you getting it ...

Thanks for your reply.Yes, I have been to many many times. I get as far as the window telling me J2SE(TM) Runtime Environment 6 update 3 installing. Then I get a message window telling me preparing to install. Then it goes really quick to another windows installer message box telling me " this installation pak cant be opened. Verify pak exists and can access or contact application vendor to verify this is a valid window installer pak. Then I get another window telling me "the page @ says the installation of
pak update 11.6.01 jre-6u3-windows-i586jc.xpi failed reason 203 and I cant find reason 203 in the error console.
So here I am
You mentioned "advanced" I dont see that on the site.

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k..... try uninstall

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Been there about 90 times

I'll assume you have tried rebooting after you get an error before trying it again... right?

"Advanced" is in the actual setup screen, if you get that far.

So, if all else fails, go to control panel and uninstall all Java. There may be several versions (java 4, java 5, java 6, each with patches), so uninstall in reverse order, the most recent first. Once you get them ALL uninstalled, reboot and return to to try it again.

And, if that doesn't help... you may need to contact Java through their support feature to see if they can determine what the error is.

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Logical idea..............but

by mdt1242 In reply to k..... try uninstall

Yes I tried but,the rebooting didnt work.
Never have seen advanced setup screen.
The java install was never completed so therefore is not on the control panel. I truely feel that Windows not Java is at fault. Something is missing within the Windows program itself or the service pak one or two.I dont think I have service pak two. I am working on aquiring that now.
Thank you for your time I am truely grateful.
Should I stumble across the answer I will pass it on to you incase you ever hear this senerio again.
Thanks so much

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no SP2?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Logical idea............ ...

Yes, if you don't have SP2, that's probably the problem. I believe all of the new versions of java require it. There may be a legacy version available somewhere. But, if you're going after SP2 anyway, why bother.

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Yes SP2

by mdt1242 In reply to no SP2?

Went onto Microsoft site and was going to download SP2and microsoft diagnostics told me I already had the SP 2.
I have downloaded Java on Internet Exp and Moz-FF and it is on my desktop but it will not open on either of the two. Now my pc seems to be worried about me verifying if I have valid transform paths.??????????
Thanks again

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