Windows Installer keeps activating

By gbrower4 ·
I have windows xp home os. I caught a virus or something. A couple weeks ago it started. Most of the time when I start various applications windows installer activates asking for installation path while the program starts fine. No perticular program does it. Also a lot of times installer activates on right click. The only way I can almost stop it is disable windows installer services. Then it still pops up a lot of times for a second and then disapears. Can ya help me on this, I can't seem to figure it out on my own. Thanks

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows Installer keeps a ...

MS Office is a culprit of this esp in older versions as you get three install options:
1. Install on HD
2. Only install if required (it will ask for CD)
3. Do not install

Also, some installers put the install files on the HD, if you delete them, then it will not find them and comes up with dialog boxes.
To prevent that, try reinstalling the software and if prompted leave the install files on the HD. Then the dialog boxes will show up less often.

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I have same issue

by maxflattop In reply to Installations

My problem began when I tried to update my home PC to Vista. I had several issues with the upgrade so that I finally decided to forget it and stay with XP on this machine. Now just about everything I do causes Windows Installer to pop up and run. I am constantly battling it with the cancel button. Any Help? Thanks in advance!

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Fixed Mine

by maxflattop In reply to I have same issue

I read a post elsewhere on the net of a Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility that did the trick for me. Just type that into Microsoft site search and download.

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