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Windows Installer Pop-Up

By ssaunders ·
This is a pesky problem that is driving me crazy. I sure hope to get help here!

After cancelling my earthlink internet access, I went to add/remove programs to remove their software--but their uninstaller failed. So I tried to remove all references from program files and the registry. What I am left with now is an annoying pop up which states "windows installer is preparing to install earthlink pop-up blocker"; then an error message #2718 - these both will appear 4-6 times ---this occurs at startup, when opening msie, my computer, and just about anything else I click on. I am beside myself with frustration.

My efforts at resolution:

I have talked with Earthlink, to no avail. They don't know the resolution, but they take you through h*** trying to act like they do!

I reinstalled Earthlink and then uninstalled it, and the problem still exists.

I have used Regcrawler to clean the registry and I got rid of all references to Earthlink there.

I searched the hard drive for "Earthlink" and deleted any and all files found.

I even reinstalled the OS - nothing works.

I have researched "Error msg #2718" until I am blue in the face, and nothing helps me out.

I believe it could be an installer problem, but can't find a way to update or fix installer in Win XP, just in earlier versions of Windows. If the installer is corrupt, how can it be fixed? Microsoft says that Windows Installer 2 comes with WinXP, and there are no guidelines for fixing it or replacing it if it becomes corrupt.

This is about to send me over the edge!

Help!!! Please!!!

DELL Dimension 4100
512 RAM
Win XP Pro
Conexant HCF V90 56K Data Fax PCI Modem
Cable Modem
Wireless Router

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by LMon In reply to Windows Installer Pop-Up

Error msg #2718 is Missing package name for product code '[2]'.

You can look at the through this link:

Try this to fix your problem it may work dunno know though!

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by ssaunders In reply to Windows Installer Pop-Up

Thank you so very much! I applied a fix I found in your second link and I think the problem is solved. At least I have rebooted since I applied the fix and the problem hasn't recurred.

Here's what I did. The offending registry entry was 62329568-19B5-43CF-9524-3EE4DD709D01 (that's the entry that was in the error message and when I manually deleted it from the registry, it always came back). I got the Windows Support Tools off my XP install CD, and then at a command prompt I entered msizap T {62329568-19B5-43CF-9524-3EE4DD709D01}. So far so good. You really made my day! Thank you.

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