Windows installer recurring after deleteing Microsoft 2003

By tan55 ·
Hi everyone
am really desperate for help!
i uninstalled the 2003 version of Microsoft office as i wanted to install the 2007 edition, ever since, ive been gettin this pop up windows installer window for microsoft office 2003. i deleted all Mic Off files from the program files as well as the start up menu.
also, i read on this site : run -msconfig, and uncheck the windows installer at start up.
yet none of this is helping, the windows installer window does not allow me to use the laptop at all. the OS id Vitsa.
also i want to add that i do not have the original cd from which i had got 2003 mic off.. only have one for the 2007 version.
please help!
will be much appreciated!

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Did you delete or did you uninstall ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows installer recurri ...

There's a very big difference.

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by tan55 In reply to Did you delete or did you ...

initially unistalled and then i deleted later on... gee.. how is it different? i shud not have?

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to both!

You cannot do both. If you have uninstalled then the files are already deleted by the uninstall procedure.

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Are you serious ??!! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to both!

Regarding - "initially unistalled and then i deleted later on... gee.. how is it different?" - I'll tell you how it's different.

#1 It doesn't make sense for a start - if you UNINSTALL you delete while doing it.

#2 If the files were there for you to DELETE it means the uninstall failed (because the files should have disappeared during the uninstall).

#3 When you uninstall, all the Registry entries are also removed.

#4 When you delete, you make no difference to any Registry entries - they remain intact.

When you delved in to delete these files, that indicates that whatever uninstall you may have thought you had carried out - IT HAD FAILED. Or more likely you never uninstalled at all - after all, why would you go looking for files to delete, when you had already uninstalled them !!

Because the uninstall failed, all the Microsoft Office registry entries still exist. These registry entries can't be removed simply by deleting all the Microsoft Office files.

Because you've deleted all the files, you can't perform another attempt to uninstall.

Now do you see how different it is??

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OldER Mycroft, I've noticed

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Are you serious ??!! ...

some of your posts regarding Ccleaner & it would appear you are better with it then me.

I've seen this same problem many times....where someone just "deletes" the folder from Program Files thinking that would get rid of the program....then of course they can't run the uninstall program or use Add/Remove programs because the uninstall program no longer exists.

So my question for you is this....I'm pretty sure the "Uninstall" in Ccleaner wouldn't work (same reason as Windows) but if you did a "scan for issues" in the registry tool then do a "fix issues" would that solve this problem? I guess I just never thought of doing that before. As usual, if one were to do this, it is advisable to make a backup of the registry before fixing detected errors.

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Au Secours, Mon Ami !!! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to OldER Mycroft, I've notic ...

But of course - CCleaner.

A cure-all for all ills (well most of them).

Good catch!

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abt deleting!

by tan55 In reply to Au Secours, Mon Ami !!! . ...

geeee! now i feel like a total idiot. yes, i totally get the difference - huge.

i guess yr right, probably the uninstall dint work, am not very good with computers n tech stuff! my interest with them starts and ends with movies, networking etc! i usually go to my brother for help, but he is on vacation. so please bear with my stupid questions!

for starters -
- where do i get the ccleaner and how do i get to clean registry files?

- am hoping the deleted files are in the recycle bin so i can restore n uninstall properly, but the crazy windows installer pop up window does not even allow me to view the bin! sigghhh.

tnku all for yr time!

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Download link: ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to abt deleting!

Download, install and run it.

In the left-hand column you will see some icons: the TOP TWO are the ones you most want to use.

This will track down and delete all the rubbish files that every computer accumulates over time. Run that first.

This will scan your system's registry and list anything that doesn't fit. Hopefully it will detect the chaos left behind from your deleting spree. It'll offer you the chance to SAVE your current registry details prior to deleting anything - take the opportunity and click AGREE.

The registry scan in CCleaner is recursive - so once you have run it and cleared the rubbish out - run it again. Then run it again until you get a zero return with no errors.

Cleaning the registry is like stripping wallpaper - each layer of wallpaper just might have another layer underneath it.

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Also, you say the Windows Installer popup

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to abt deleting!

won't allow you to even view/run various programs.

You may want to try pressing "Ctrl+Alt+Del" & click the "Task Manager" button...if the installer is not in the "Applications" list, look for it in the "Processes" (sort these by name, it makes it the "Image Name" title at the top of the list & it'll sort) any case, once you find it....disable it or end task it.

That will make it easier for you to deal with CCleaner.

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solved!! reply to posts 8&9

by tan55 In reply to abt deleting!

hi all.

am unable to reply after the 10th post, hence i m replyin here. found a loophole here hehee.

i had been using the task manager thingie n had to continually! finally i got 1 min to get into control panel without the pop up suffocating my screen! n i got to the root of all this fiasco - turns out i had uninstalled miscrosoft office 2003, but some add on/update for the same was not uninstalled. hence the mess n the issue!
thnks so much u guys! :) finally usin m own system.

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