WIndows installer refuses work with Word2003.mSI installation packages

By ernesta ·
Dear ID professionals,

I am a visually impaired student.

I would like to please You for help. I can not modifi, repair and even remove Microsoft Word 2003 standard edition from my computer. When I use My original installation Word2003 standard CD,or by using add or remove programs function, The following error message appears. This repair package can not be opened. Verify, if repair package exists and That You have access to it, or contact The application vendor and verify, if it's a valid repair package of Windows Installer service. The Ok button appears.

I can not repair, modifi or remove Word 2003 by using add-remove programs from Windows control panel.

I am running Microsoft Windows XP professional edition with servicepack2. I downloaded and installed all new updates for Office 2003 and Windows XP operating system. I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0. I also downloaded a update for Microsoft Windows installer.

Other applications, which are using Windows installer services work without problems. How can I fix this problem? I tried to remove The InstallShield Installation Information folder from The Program Files directory and I used a recicle bin. I tried this after receiving this error message. But this did not help to Me. I am using a little utility Cleanit for automatic cleaning of .tmp files.

Do YOu think, that this cleaning algorithm could damage The temporary installation data for Microsoft Word 2003 standard?

Thank You very much for YOur advice. Even I am a advanced computer user, I can not solve this problem myself. I do not think, that my problem can be solved by removing Microsoft office folder and by cleaning The Word 2003 information from The registry. I am not familiar with registry structures for Microsoft Windows installer service, The hexadecimal values of classes and strenght registry values are too complex for Me. I am not a ID professional. I have disabled system restore feature.

Thank You very much for Your time, which You spended by reading my question with pour grammar. Excuse Me please. I am not professional english writer.

The kindness regards.

Janusz Chmiel.

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