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Windows Keeps Rebooting

By dlcompu ·
System keeps rebooting on it's own. While your working on something or when you not. It keeps rebooting randomly. Windows 2000 Pro

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by LiamE In reply to Windows Keeps Rebooting

I presume you have checked for viruses etc. If you have....

Is the PC overheating? If it is, sort it out.

If the cpu and board temps are okay its probably yet another power supply on the way out.

If the power supply is okay - and you need to swap to a 'known good' one to really find out - it could well be a memory chip or the cpu causing the problem.

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by gbrownlee In reply to Windows Keeps Rebooting

Any recent soft/hardware changes recently? If not, could be operating system or BIOS virus or other malware.

Remove everything from the computer motherboard except for the cpu, ram, harddrive and graphics card. If the problem goes away replace components 1 at a time till problem starts again. If it doesn't go away,

Check power supply with a multimeter, if you can, or replace.

Run diagnostics, from a floppy, to check ram and hard drive. I use memtest86 for the ram and download disk diagnostics from the applicable hard drive manufacturers website.

I don't think it is the cpu because you are able to boot up. That leaves the motherboard to consider.

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by dlcompu In reply to

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows Keeps Rebooting

my guess is that you have the settings configured to restart on system error and you are seeing system errors restarting the computer. you need to get it to halt on the error screen so we can look up your error (after you post it). other thing you can look in for error is the event log.
to turn off restart on system error: right click my computer, get properties, pick startup and recovery button (if i am remembering wrong somebody help us or just look around on the tabs...)anyhow you will see 'automatically reboot on system error. uncheck that. when system errors next it won't reboot, you will get a blue screen. write down everything on it and then hard-boot your system to get it runnning...

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by dlcompu In reply to

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by 1 Sane Nerd@Work In reply to Windows Keeps Rebooting

goes to basic. will the computer reboot with only a floppy boot-up? Try identify, is it a Win2Kpro problem or a hardware problem. u can boot up using the memtest86 (download from floppy then remove the diskette, while memtest is running, put in a non bootable diskette and leave it running over the night. u will know if it has rebooted, right? with a non bootable disk inside the floppy, u will see ntldr missing etc...

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by glyall In reply to Windows Keeps Rebooting

check the capasitors next to the cpu
if they are flat they are good
if raised they are bad.
if so you will have to replace the motherboard

having one bad capasitor can cause a reboot problem

good luck

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