Windows keeps temporarily creating a locked "L" drive

By G_Writer ·
System: Win 7 Pro 64bit, fully patched. 16GB RAM, separate video card
Boot drive is a 120GB SSD w/35 GB free. Temp folder is (was?) on a 2TB SATA drive with 576GB free.
I suspect this is a case of user error, but still would like to resolve.
I was cleaning up my system, and had it remove all empty folders.
Now, I get a "drive added" dialog for the L Drive (I have multiple drives, but L is not one of them) that pops up erratically and lists itself as a locked resource drive. I suspect that this has something to do with paging, and that one of the 100+ empty folders I nuked (too late to recover) was what the system/SSD was using to page/buffer.
SO--- how do I resolve this? (Other than a complete wipe/rebuild...)

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I am not sure this is a page file issue

by cpguru21 In reply to Windows keeps temporarily ...

Usually you specify a drive you want the page file on, not a directory. Either way with that much RAM you should have no problems temporarily disabling the paging file, reboot and re-set it to a drive of your choosing. I assume you already know how to do this but if not just ask and we will help you with step by step.

Or google disable paging file Win7.


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