Windows Key + F4

By gerald.thorburn ·
As a sad guy who loves disocvering new Keyboard Shortcuts, to try to become more of a Keyboard Pro, I tripped over this one (Windows Key + F4 in Word 2003), literally yesterday. (Thought it was a mistake). If you type (say) a short sentence in Word - and then press Windows + F4 - it repeats the sentence. Unless I am being dumb, I have read loads and loads of shortcuts, but do not recall this one being mentioned. Or did you all know this one?

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funny, they don't mention it

by Tink! In reply to Windows Key + F4

I skimmed through the list of keyboard shortcuts that Windows 2003 Help shows and didn't see this one.

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Did not know that

by onbliss In reply to Windows Key + F4

I knew in Excel you could use F4 to repeat something. For example if you insert a blank row, you could press F4 to repeat the insertions.

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Excel using F4.

by gerald.thorburn In reply to Did not know that

Thanks for extra one, onbliss!

Worth knowing and likely to be used frequently by me. (My mental store of Excel shortcuts is leaner, as I use Excel less than many of you may).

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by onbliss In reply to Excel using F4.

As a developer I find Excel immensely useful in several ways. But my usage just requires the bare minimum functionality.

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The F4 Key

by stapleb In reply to Windows Key + F4

Just to save you a keystroke, you do not even need the Windows key. F4 by itself will repeat your last steps.

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3 YEARS!!!!

by .Martin. In reply to The F4 Key


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