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Windows/Linux it is all the same still Microsoft is ++

By Straight View ·
As a developer i feel all the platforms Windows/Linux.... are all the same. U would land into similar kind of problems in all the technologies,none is perfect moreover none requires to be !! but what makes Microsoft a little bit ++ is the way they are organised,tactful and many other things which makes it easy for most of the people to start with. The very prominent example is that windows installation is one of the most EASISET thing to do for most of us! though the same doesnt hold true for all the other OSs. Microsoft knows the BIG mantra: Keep it simple even if it is vulnerable; even if it counters the promises which they have made, blah blah.............. .
Their biggest achievement is that they have put a preconceived notion in evrybodys head that it is EASY THAN OTHERS.
How many people really feel secure and would like to for a product if we are told that we would get a encryption product which uses 256 bit key instead of 128 key.But if we are told that just put you finger and u would authenticated thats what most of us would like to have.
Simple + easy + GOOD ENOUGH technology (NOT THE PERFECT :-)
thats it !!!!!! No wonder why microsoft is the biggest company.

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Pity MS don't agree with you

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows/Linux it is all t ...

MS see their software as being perfect and tout it as so - and this is the main reason (in my opinion) that gets people off side. They are told 'this is great and safe, everything is fixed' and then reality shows that they have not yet fixed the faults that they have known about for years. Thus people get pissed at being lied to.

Back in the days of MS DOS and Win 3x the level of tech knowledge needed to load an operating system for MS Win 3x and for Linux was the same. Then MS started creating software for idiots and got a huge market share. Sadly the software is now so 'idiot' specialised that real techs have big trouble trying to do things with it. For a decade Linux has neglected the software for idiots desktop market but is has recently addressed that and the latest versions are as easy to load by non techs as the latest MS Windows versions. It is now down to a marketing war and that will focus on cost and customer ease of use, and that is where MS have lost the plot.

Early Windwos were very customer friendly, easy to laod and use; their activation approach has made them much less firendly and harder to use. Now if you ned to do a rebuild or you ahve changed hardware you have to go through a lengthy activation process with MS and the non tech people hate the process, many are no looking else where and that is where MS will lose a lot of their non tech clients.

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by Straight View In reply to Pity MS don't agree with ...

In that case what do u think why Linux community neglected "IDIOT" desktop customers ?? did they think it is meant only for techies! Why do they want to give linux windows look-alike feeling!
mainly if smbdy need not understand 256 bit encryption to use it! do they ?? Anyways Technology is their finally to solve other's problems and not to increase it! I have seen many fairly educated people with no backgrnd in comp. feeling easy enough to work in windows! What probably do you think the reason can be ! Is it the technology or the use,ease,comfort we are talking about. Can anyone give me a prove that a particular software is perfect none i think so they are not even meant to be !!

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techie directed not marketting directed

by Deadly Ernest In reply to

Essentially the people designing Linux and writting the code were technical people looking at improving the technical aspects not the marketting aspects. Some of the techs wanted to use a GUI so some were written, and as the techs wanted things they went about writting what they wanted from a technical viewpoint. Most of the coders involved believed in the 'have the system built and set up by someone with knowledge' approach and thus failled to see the need for a non tech set up capability.

This approach went on for many years, but with the growth of commercial retail sales organisations like RedHat, SUSE, Mandrake etc they saw the need to make the product more end user friendly to make it more marketable. Thus they put some money towards the development of a moron loadable process. Thus allowing the system to be marketted to general end users.

The biggest thing people complain about as the reason for not switching is that they are 'used to MS Windows and don't want to learn another system' - thus the move to developing something that a MS Windows users can feel comfortable with. The latest trend of MS to change the look and feel of Windows for XP and now Vista will actually help the Linux community as people are going to see that they will have to learn something new which ever way they go.

The aim of a GUI is to do things pictorially so that it is easier for people to use it.

BTW Don't bother giving MS any credit for the ease of use and feel of Windows - they stole the design, layout and basic code from Apple when Billy did some work for them. Billy suggested that they patent the code and the look and they saw no reason for doing that, so Billy lifted it straight out and used it himself, with very few changes.

Personally I prefer to use Linux as it is not a resource hog like MS Windows, but I have used all the Windows versions and still tend to use Windows in many situations (mainly because it is there and I can't be bothered to rebuild that system until it has a major hernia). However, I have gotten more and more pissed with MS over the years as they keep making promise after promise re the O/S stability and security and keep failling to deliver, the actiation sysem is the worst trouble I have seen.

I would not mind if they put out software that had new faults - but when the new versions have known faults that have not been fixed, that is not acceptable to anyone - except MS management.

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I agree to you but there is big "BUT"

by Straight View In reply to techie directed not marke ...

I agree with you that Linux was made by really dedicated ppl. In college time once we listened to Dr. stallman, where he told us how linus has used NON-OSF softwares to make OSF softwares ! amazing isn't ? More over i even heard that when torvalds cameup with the linux kernel Dr. tanenbaum rememberred his own Minix OS in the reflection!! Isn't that similar to what probably billy would have done in Apple. Dont you think that Linux is going to see the same fate as many powerful programming languages except C has seen during the 80s. Even though it is freely available, many difference versions, fedora, clim etc,etc are custom tailored. Moreover by this time in market it should have rocked !!!

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Market and marketting are very different

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I agree to you but there ...

Linux has been on the market for many years but it is only in the last 5 to 7 years that it has been marketted. being there and telling the general public you are there are two very different issues. I think it is very significant that the marketting of Linux has been going on for the last several years and that it is only during this time that the general public has gotten aware of Linux and it is now starting to penetrate more markets and gain market share.

The big advantage Linux has in the open source situation is that has been declared open source and is accepted as such world wide. Much software has started in an open source style environment and is now under corporate control - that is not really possible with Linux, and thus it is unlikely to go the same way as some have.

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Known Faults

by mmullinix1 In reply to techie directed not marke ...

Can you give me 1 or 2 specific examples of faults that have not been fixed? Need the information for a research paper and a link would be fine, this way I can verify the information you provide. I appreciate the help.

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Keep it simple ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Windows/Linux it is all t ...

Windows is not simple. The UI might be though the further you go out of MS' oparating scenario the more complex it gets.
Windows internally is unbelivably complex, close coupling is so prevalent it's next to impossible to predict the impact on the whole system from a change to one part of it.
In software design terms it's an old program.
It's had next to no refactoring
It contains piles of redundant legacy code
It is controlled by an endless list of global variables
Many of these are untyped in order to avoid the cost of changing core interfaces
Quality from a techhnical point of view has been scarificed on a daily basis in order to make a quick turnaround.
You don't have to see the code to recognise the signs, I mean it's not as though we haven't seen this sort of thing in major software projects before is it ?
Good enough has permeated our industry to such an extent that now the definition of good software is not apparently crap.

The new Mantra for IT should be.

"Don't make qaulity the first sacrifice of doing business."

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