Windows live recipient doesn't receive my emails from OE

By mstors ·
We have a new laptop that came with WLM loaded on it. Our desktop has OE. I set up the WLM account but when I send something from the desktop, it's not being received by Live. Mail that I send from a comcast account, as well as mail from others,is being received. The problem is with OE. I know OE is being phased out so do I need to change my email client to solve this problem?

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Are both the laptop and the desktop

by santeewelding In reply to Windows live recipient do ...

Served by the same ISP (Comcast?)? And, do you mean you are sending mail to yourself?

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I have a home in OH and one in FL

by mstors In reply to Are both the laptop and t ...

In Ohio I use Wideopenwest and in Florida I have Comcast. We are now in OH and my husband has the new laptop. So we do both have the same ISP (Wideopenwest)and (Comcast). OE is loaded on my 8 year old desktop and his new one has WLM. I am trying to send him email from the desktop. It doesn't bounce back so it has to be somewhere. When I tried using the Comcast ISP, he receives the mail.

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by nccastle In reply to Windows live recipient do ...

If you are talking about Outlook Express, you are out of luck. Hotmail/Live Mail hasn't support Outlook Express for years. Outlook Express was being phased out ten years ago. Now its just dead. Go to to download Windows Live Mail, or you could use the new online client. It gives Outlook a run for its money, IMO.

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Windows live mail is already downloaded on the laptop.

by mstors In reply to OE?

The new laptop came with WLM already downloaded so I set up the account. My desktop is 8 years old and has Outlook Express as my email client. I don't understand why I can send email to others who have WLM and they receive it. Is it because my husband and I both have the same ISP?

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