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    Windows Login Incorrect Password


    by maynovent48 ·


    Weirdest thing happened to me this morning. Woke up and found that I’m unable to login to my laptop even with the correct password. All the other login options also disappeared (fingerprint & PIN).

    Fortunately I was able to change my password using another admin account in my laptop.

    Was I attacked?

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      Reply To: Windows Login Incorrect Password

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Windows Login Incorrect Password

      Is there any chance that your laptop got some type of system update? Hard to say if you were hacked or “attacked” online. Could be that one or more of your system settings were changed from what you are accustomed to seeing.

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        Reply To: Windows Login Incorrect Password

        by charlesjhon532 ·

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        Experiencing difficulty logging into your laptop and the sudden disappearance of login options can be alarming and raise concerns about a potential security breach. While it is not possible to determine the exact cause without further investigation, here are a few possible explanations for the situation you described:

        Technical Glitch: In some cases, technical issues or software glitches can cause login problems. This could be due to a temporary error or conflict within the operating system, causing the login options to disappear. However, the exact reason would require further analysis or troubleshooting.

        System Update: It is possible that a recent system update or software installation caused a conflict, resulting in the disappearance of login options. System updates can sometimes alter the settings or configurations, leading to unexpected behavior.

        User Account Corruption: User account corruption can occur, causing login issues. This can be due to various factors, such as incorrect shutdowns, malware infections, or hardware failures. In such cases, creating a new user account or resetting the user profile may resolve the problem.

        Malware or Unauthorized Access: While less likely, it is essential to consider the possibility of malware or unauthorized access. Malware infections or hacking attempts could potentially affect the login process and compromise the security of your system. Changing your password using an alternate admin account was a prudent action to secure your device.

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      There could be various reasons for being unable to log in to your laptop

      by saeedahmadpro6 ·

      In reply to Windows Login Incorrect Password

      It’s difficult to determine with certainty whether you were attacked based solely on the information provided. There could be various reasons for being unable to log in to your laptop, including technical issues or software glitches. However, it is possible that your laptop experienced a security breach or some form of unauthorized access.

      Changing your password using another admin account was a good move to secure your system. It is recommended to further investigate the incident and take additional security measures to ensure the integrity of your laptop. You may consider running antivirus scans, updating your security software, and monitoring your accounts for any suspicious activity.

      If you suspect that your laptop was indeed attacked, it is advisable to reach out to a cybersecurity professional or the appropriate technical support to assess the situation and provide guidance on securing your system.

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