Windows Logoff Automaticaly

By bino ·
Hi all,
my friends PC is facing a problem, on the PC there are three user accounts every one I try to log in to it starts logging and the message (loading personal settings) starts, but suddenly during logging in it log's OFF and the message (Saving your personal settings) and goes back to the main screen with the three users icons, so I tried to repair the windows but same thing, so what is the solution other than formmating partition C, if it is only formmat please tell me.

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Administrator Account

by msft In reply to Windows Logoff Automatica ...

You could try to log onto the Top Level Administrator account on the computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and see if it does the same and if you can get in, see if there are any problems or scripts running on the system?

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Windows Logoff Automaticaly

by bino In reply to Administrator Account

thx for replay, ya i try that also then also same happeing. but its working on safe mode

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Its the problem in registry

by coolblue.0101 In reply to Windows Logoff Automatica ...

Microsoft recognizes this problem related with the registry. According to Microsoft tech papers, the Windows default shell (explorer.exe) and user shell (userinit.exe) could have corrupted or hijacked by some spywares like that..
Check the link below and let me know if it works with you.



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Cannot boot from CD with this problem

by juliedepue In reply to Its the problem in regist ...

I cannot boot in any way- safe, normal, or from the installation cd. I also cannot access via networked, as it won't get to apoint that is recognizable. Now what? Microsoft's answer assumes you can access the registry....

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Word about the Problem

by netwurks_az In reply to Its the problem in regist ...

Due to the recent outbreak of "virut.a" and its close predecesors, it runs rampant and infects every .exe it can find. Have had to clean several systems now and if need be had to manually put files back ( mainly explorer.exe and userinit.exe) because the old "reinstall" was not an option. Used mostly the recovery utility and hand extracted the files from a slipstreamed sp2 copy of XP.
Good luck.
btw.. I used Avast! anti-virus boot cd to clean up the mess. (it can quaretine files, DON'T deleted them, at least you have a list of what needs to be replaced.

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It could be a virus..

by jtpaderes In reply to Windows Logoff Automatica ...

Hi, got also the same problem. It could be a virus. Try this one. If it is a Windows XP, boot using your Win XP cd but do not go to a fresh install, go to the "REPAIR" portion, then do not format, go to I guess its "LEAVE CURRENT FILES INTACT" (if I have the right words) its the last line in the formatting portion, so that all your personal files will be intact.

Hope this help.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows Logoff Automatica ...

to delete the Partition, recreate it and Reinstall the Operating System.

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Check these files

by psofta In reply to Quicker

We had this problem on 2 workstations

The whole winnt dir lost user permissions to files. I got the clue checking the MS article at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555648 Their suggestion was to make sure that explorer.exe and userinit.exe were in the registry path. They were in my case but when I went to the security settings only admins had rights. I reset the settings and users could log in but had other errors. Turns out that the whole winnt directory needed the user perms added back. NOTE: Admin and system deserve full rights but users should only have RWX.

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Windows xp automatically log off

by ven_jabroni In reply to Windows Logoff Automatica ...


I have also experienced that problem as of yours. What i have done is that i have booted a windows xp cd and used the 2nd repair menu. But to ensure it, i don't format the whole drive to reatin some of the file. Just leave the intact no changes and delete only the windows installation file.

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