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Windows Logon

By addcom ·
Is there a virus which captures windows Xp logon and loggs off after one loggs in.
My son's pc was behaving as above, as I have not seen this before I ended up formating the drive..
What is this virus called and how to look for it.
or what is the work around?

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Virus Scan

by BFilmFan In reply to Windows Logon

Use AdAware from Lavasoft to check for key stroke loggers.

Run a full check if the system with an anit-virus scanner.

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by m0le In reply to Windows Logon

Your son's machine issues and your resolve are all too familiar to my son's issues here some time ago. The variables you need to consider are more than just key stroke loggers. The behavior you spoke of could easily be a trojan as well. The system startup process will enable a properly delivered trojan and once logged on it will take over. Given the type and the nature of your connection to the web, the hacker responsible could do any number of things to your pc and the signs would show as you described. A test of the remote capabilities of the hackers trojan can include a restart of the system. Restarting is one method also used to do a final startup of a virus or worm newly delivered to your system.
There are numerous "free" to low cost protection options you should strongly consider. Antivirus, the type that will allow auto updating. Personal firewall. Anti spyware products and here I cannot recommend strongly enough TWO products which work to block, scan & remove spyware. These are Search & Destroy and Spyware Blaster. Indiviually they are marginally effective. Together though; and I have tested highly recommended "paid-for" alternatives, together they are extremely effective. Effective to the point where I accepted their "taste" challenges and none of them found a trace of any type of spyware.
Lastly and this is tough and I mean no offense to anyone's browsing or surfing habits, but boys will be boys & I was forced to keep more than an eye on his surfing habits.
Good luck.

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Flaw in Windows XP

by support In reply to Windows Logon

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