Windows ME crash

By caba2 ·
I loaded Samsung monitor software and my system crashed, producing a "Error loading Explorer.exe You must reinstall Windows." response on my desktop after the startup screen changes. When I click on it, the system shuts down. It will not boot to a dos prompt with the boot disk in the a/ drive because I wanted to do the system restore utility. I switched the slave to the primary with windows 98 OS and was able to get it to boot to that drive, installed Symantec partition magic to get dual boot capability hoping to be able to get to the dos promt for the d drive and that didn't work...Please help with any suggestions as I have files I need on the d drive...Thanks

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Windows ME crash

reinstall or even better ,upgrade

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Why can't you get to the drive?

by tnelson In reply to Windows ME crash

When you swapped master & slave, Win98 should be able to see your drive.

You might want to try swapping your drives back and then bouncing on the F8 key while ME boots. This should bring up the startup menu. Pick "step by step confirmation" (something like that). It'll prompt you for confirmation before it loads anything. When the Samsung module appears, just hit 'N' and it won't be loaded. Finally, ME should boot and you can remove the software.

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Better Yet...

by uphadmin In reply to Windows ME crash

The monitor driver has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with "Explorer.exe". Explorer.exe is a program which loads the Graphical User Interface, the Kernal, and provides OS functionality. If your system says "Explorer.exe is missing. Please Reinstall Windows.", then you are screwed. Reformat (or backup), and reinstall. Post back (yeah right) if you have more problems.

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Yeah, right

by santeewelding In reply to Better Yet...

You have nothing better to do than with a three-year-old post?

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he probably

by .Martin. In reply to Yeah, right

doesn't like windows ME

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I have nothing better to do than reply to you,

by Ron K. In reply to Yeah, right

replying to a three year old post. *shaking Magic 8 ball* "Outlook not so good."

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