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Windows ME Internet/Network Problem

By ZombieBot ·

I've just come back from visiting a friend in Spain and he is having a real problem with his Windows ME PC.

It's an unusual setup as his ISP provides his village with a wireless network connection to the ISP servers - the customers in the village have been allocated fixed IP addresses (10.70.x.x) with which to connect to the ISP network - and from there they should be able to get an internet connection through the provider's gateway (

My friend is the only ME user in the village and is also the only person on the same network unable to get internet access. When I tried to help then
I could see his PC was receiving UDP packets but no TCP packets (checked this through the firewall logs). He has TCP/IP installed (and I have even reinstalled ME and a new network card with no joy) and even with no firewall installed he still has the same problem.

If he tries to use his friend's IP address then he gets a message saying IP address already in use (as would be expected). If his friend disconnects from the network and my friend tries the IP address again then he doesn't get a warning message but still has the same problem as he gets with his own IP address.

I have reinstalled the OS & network protocols & installed new network card and cable, and really want to know the cause of this problem (ie - no answers suggesting upgrades to XP or the like).


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows ME Internet/Netwo ...

There are four sets of numbers to check:
IP Address, Net Mask, Gateway, DNS Address and he should have all four set correctly.

What values does he have for Net Mask and DNS?

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by ZombieBot In reply to

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by ZombieBot In reply to Windows ME Internet/Netwo ...

Subnet mask is and there were two DNS servers were 80.x.x.x - these settings are the same as other users that I looked at in the village using the same ISP and were working ok. Regarding the DNS servers - I was not able to ping local machines or remote servers by IP address or name.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows ME Internet/Netwo ...

Well by trying another IP address you have proved that it's not a problem with the provider but something unique to that computer. That is at least a starting point.

Though I'm not overly sure how to proceed from here. You have proved that the ISP is working correctly but that that Particular ME machine will not log into the available network. As I never bothered with ME I'm just trying to remember the difference between ME and 98SE.

Al I can think of is that the additional Network Protocols where not installed in the Add Remove Programs from the control panel there is a Add Windows Components and a couple of Network Protocols are available from there. If they are not installed that might be the problem.

I don't suppose that there is any chance of trying a temp install of 98SE is there? If that was to work it might point you in the right direction as to how to get the ME OS to play with the ISP.

I seem to remember something about Networking Protocols and ME although for the life of me I can't remember exactly what it was.

I know that's not much help but maybe someone else will remember the trick that was required to get ME to work properly on a Network Connection, I seem to remember something about rebuilding the TCP/IP Stack but I'm no longer certain of exactly what it was.

I hope that jog someone else's memory that can help you out.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I'll have a sleep on it and see if I can remember what it was that you had to do.

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by ZombieBot In reply to

Thanks for your comments. I thought it may be protocol related too but I uninstalled and reinstalled the necessary protocols without any joy. Thanks again.

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by Nilt In reply to Windows ME Internet/Netwo ...

Well, as Col said, the only thing you could try that I can think of is to rebuild the stack. You say, though, that you reinstalled the OS. How'd you do that? Did you wipe and install fresh or do an over the top install? If you wiped the drive and reinstalled fresh from original media then rebuilding the stack is highly unlikely to work. If you didn't, try these steps. Keep in mind, of course, that the stack being corrupted is an indication of EXTREMELY bad OS corruption and it's best to simple wipe the drive (format) then reinstall from the ground up to be sure you're good.

NOTE: Working in the Registry can be dangerous to your Windows installation. Use extreme caution to not change or delete anything except what these steps say to. Follow these steps at your own risk.

1. Right click My Network Places and choose Properties.
2. Highlight the top item in the list of Network Components and click Remove.
Repeat until the list is empty then click OK but do NOT reboot.
3. Click Start then Run. Type regedit in the Open field and click OK.
4. Click the plus next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
5. Scroll down to "System" and click the plus next to it to expand it.
6. Click the plus next to CurrentControlSet then do the same for Services farther down under it.
7. Right click WinSock2 and choose Delete.

Now restart the computer. You may need the Windows CD and driver disk for the network card but Windows will redetect and reinstall the proper files, rebuilding the network stack in the process.

If these steps do not resolve your issue, reinstall Windows after formatting the drive. If that doesn't do it, you most likely have a hardware issue. Replace the NIC and if that doesn't help, take the PC to a neighbor's connection and test it. Heck, for that matter, take it to a friend's and test on their cables first; it may save you a lot of time.

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by ZombieBot In reply to

Thanks Nilt,that worked perfectly. My initial re-install of ME was an over-the-top install so I guess that wouldn't have rebuilt the stack. I've passed on your comments of sever OS corruption in an effort to get my friend to backup/upgrade his system asap. This is a tip I'll have to remember for future use - thank again.

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by ZombieBot In reply to Windows ME Internet/Netwo ...

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