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Windows ME Thumbnail

By dj ·
I have lost the support to view Thumbnails in Windows ME, after installing a Visioneer 4400 USB Scanner and Mgi PhotoSuite III Se. I really use this feature a lot. What can I do to get this feature back.

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Windows ME Thumbnail

by astrocat123 In reply to Windows ME Thumbnail

this insn't pretty, you arent going to like the asnwer.( i see this one all the time,since i am a digital photo buff and have all the photo programs know to man) when you insatlled mgi photo suite it hijacked your .jpeg ,.giff, .tiff, . all the fileextensions that have to do with picture types ,are you allso getting display problems with photos on the on web pages? first try enable thumb nail view in the files and folders options on the start menu. but i dought that it will help. the only other altrnative is to edit the registryand return the file extensions back to windows default.( programers should fix this on there products because it happens alot)go to run type (regedit) in the box click ok to open registry editor( dont play around in here it could have serious consequense on your whole system)!click the plus next to HKEY_CLASSES_ ROOT scroll down to .jpeg click the folder,not the plus sign . it should say (default)"jpeg" under that(content type)"image/jpeg" . i bet it dosent.right click (content type) and a box will open, click modify, another box opens, under value data put get rid of the mgi thing by high lighting it and hit back space now type in image/jpeg you dont need the qoute" s it will put them right click (default) and do the same thing only put in jpegfile, click ok. now check other file extensions such as .jiff .giff .art to see if it highjacked them to they should be ok . now close evary thing and you should beable to see thumb nail views. earchthe microsoft data base for a q file but i dont know the number but it will exlpain it in detail . when ever you install a photo program never let it mess with file associations when it ask you during install what files you whant to associate with this program dont choose any of them to avoid this problem .and find that article in the microsoft data base and print it for futcher reference

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Windows ME Thumbnail

by dj In reply to Windows ME Thumbnail

I tryed this but I see to still have the problem. It maybe my I did something wrong. But thanks for the help. I know where to go when something else goes wrong. Thanks again.

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