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Windows ME trouble

By srandell ·
I have an older computer that has ME on it. When i went to boot it up it would say could not find system.ini file. I slaved it to my computer and ran several virus scans and "clean up" programs and found several trojans, etc. that are now gone. I have ran scan disk on it and defrag.

Now, it will boot up, but stops after the windows ME splash screen. I cannot get into safe mode.

Any suggestions on what to do now??

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by slm1 In reply to Windows ME trouble

WindowsME = your doomed.

don't waste your time, upgrade to xp or save data and clean install OS of your choice

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by srandell In reply to Windows ME trouble

That's kinda what I was thinking. Do you think if I upgrade that I will lose my data? I'm pretty sure I have everything backed up but it would be nice not to have to reload everything. Maybe wishful thinkin!

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by Neil Cotton In reply to Windows ME trouble

If you actually use an will still save all your data. You shouldn't lose anything.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows ME trouble

Re Upgrading ME.

If you perform an upgrade to something newer like XP provided you do not allow the drive to be formatted you'll keep all of your data intact as well as any programs that you have installed though some may no longer work.

There is also the possibility of totally corrupting the drive if you have hardware that is not compatible with XP or a piece of software that is not compliant although the first would be the most likely. I once had a Samsung DVD ROM cause XP to delete the Master Boot Records on a P4 when SP1 was installed so you'll need to be careful and proceed slowly. As ME uses the FAT Partition System it is possible to fit your HDD to any another computer as a slave and save all of your data and any temp files that you may have downloaded.

I would make sure before hand before you even try an upgrade which should be safe but there are a lot of known issues with XP and older hardware.

If you perform a install of ME on the same computer without formatting the HDD you'll keep all of your data intact but will have to reinstall all the applications that you have installed after the ME install. This would be a safer way to proceed as you already know that you have no hardware issues with ME.


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by srandell In reply to Windows ME trouble

You all have been great. Thanks so much!!

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