Windows ME

By difahl ·
Does anyone have the install cd for windows ME? I have an old system
that has some very important files in it, but the system has some big
problems, and I need the windows ME cd to repair the installation.

If anyone has the cd, could you send me an email to
with all the files on the cd attached so I can write them to a blank cd?

Thanks in advance (hopefully) :)

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To retrieve your files, try this

by nepenthe0 In reply to Windows ME

Remove your ailing hard drive and plug it in to the Coolmax adapter. Connect the Coolmax USB cable to a working PC.

The ailing hard drive will be identified by a drive letter in Explorer. Transfer the files you wish to salvage.

It may be possible for you to obtain a replacement installation/recovery CD for your computer from the manufacturer. You must provide the model and serial number, and these normally run ~$20.

However, before you order a replacement installation CD, be advised that Windows ME was the worst piece of software ever written by Microsoft. It is inherently unstable, and virtually no one who has experience with this gawd-awful operating system would wish it upon his worst enemy's dog (well, perhaps if the dog were vicious and a biter).

Rick/Portland, OR

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Have you tried this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows ME
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Is this an OEM installation?

by 1bn0 In reply to Windows ME

Warning! Any attempt to reinstall Windows ME may make the machine completely unusable or the data unrecoverable!

The best method to recover data is to slave the drive to another computer, internally or externally and retreive the files to a stable system!

O.K. if you still want to try re-installing Windows ME anyway:

The Windows 9X (98 or ME) installed by Brand name companies (and many whitebox/clone distributors) usually included the complete installation files in C:\Windows\Options\Cabs.The directory location may vary but this was the most common.

For the better known brands such as Dell and HP this folder also included the drivers required for the hardware of the specific machine.

If this foldler exists, copy it and any subfolders to a CDROM or USB device if you can. (Standard warning to ALWAYS back up before you try to fix things).

If the folder DOES exist and you can boot to DOS mode, you can run the setup from the command prompt!

Before running setup, I would run scandisk or chkdsk /f on the drive.
Verify where your current windows directory is.


At the prompt. C:>

cd windows
cd options
cd cabs

Setup will run and will perform a Quick Scandisk. (basically just check that the directory structure is intact)

Setup will see the existing installation and offer to install windows in another directory. Usually WINDOWS.000.

Change this directory to point to the existing installation of windows.

Windows will perform a re-installation over top of your current windows.

For more information try google for more detailed instructions on re-installing Windows 98/ME and the issues you may run into.

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Excellent information

by nepenthe0 In reply to Is this an OEM installati ...

Thanks for the post - I've pasted your response into MS Word for later .pdf conversion and archiving.

That said, having lived with Windows ME for 2 years, I can't imagine why anyone would wish to recover it. A colleague of mine resolved her frustration by propelling her laptop across the room, and Windows ME met its demise against the far wall...

Rick/Portland, OR


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Thank you!

by 1bn0 In reply to Excellent information

You are absolutely correct about WindowsME.

The ONLY thing I have ever done to a Windows ME machine is downgrade it Windows 98.

I have been requested to do this on EVERY Windows ME machine I have ever worked on.

I have always thought it belonged to this family of Microsft product.


If you still deal with 98/me then you might find this relevant.

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Good stuff (Win98 reinstall)

by nepenthe0 In reply to Excellent information

That's an accurate statement about WinME: Hard as a rock; dumb as a brick. I have likewise archived your 9 May'08 post for safekeeping.

I have taken the liberty of adding you to my Contacts list. My Microsoft Streets road atlas places you in a small community along the St. Lawrence channel - is that correct? My only visit to Ontario was a trip to Toronto 3 years ago - gorgeous clear fall day, magnificent view from the CN Tower.

I look forward to reading your future posts - you have an awesome arsenal of knowledge.

Rick/Portland, OR

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