Windows Media Center - Internet TV issues

By Snuffy09 ·
I recently purchased a remote for my Win 7 Pro HTPC rig.

In Windows Media Center - When i select a video from Internet TV or movie trailers from "the guide" more than half of them never load or say could not play video try again later. My HTPC is wireless but even my wired desktop seems to be a little flaky accessing WMC video.

My firewalls are off and other online sources play/stream fine (youtube, internet raido, online games)

Do I need to open a port for WMC to run smooth or something?

I have all my MS updates too

Any ideas?

Thank You!

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by ---TK--- In reply to Windows Media Center - In ...

I recently came across the same thing, half of the internet shows were not exactly what I would call stable. Also WMC really sucks at finding online content for music and movies... Not to mention how slow it is to index everything.

I gave up on it and switched over to xbmc media center, it does just about everything WMC does but better (normally). With the few bugs it has, I am still total loving the MC.

Plus if you have multiple xbmc boxes, they just came out with a plug in that will allow you to pause on one PC, and resume watching the content on another xbmc PC.

I would highly suggest trying it out.

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Couple of thoughts

by robo_dev In reply to yep...

I would run some speed-tests, using a site like In order for video to work properly, you need every link in the chain to be solid, so any minor LAN issues can make video work poorly.

What type of Internet connection do you have?

Personally, I use Boxee for my media center PC, and use a fast-ethernet connection to my router firewall.

I have a very stable/fast and low-latency Internet connection (AT&T uVerse VDSL) which gives me a rock solid 11.5 MBS download speed with ping times of typically 70ms or so, with virtually no jitter or packet loss. Since uVerse is an IP video service, and it is also used for VoIP, it's not surprising that their Internet service works well.

Note that on my wired workstations, I can get the full 11.5 mbs, but typically on my wireless workstations, the maximum measured throughput is only around 9MBS over a Cisco 1200 802.11G Access Point, going to a Cisco WLAN adapter.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Couple of thoughts

I have a basic DSL connection (2-3mbs)

The Videos that DO work play fine but there are just not many of them that open at all.

I also do some online gaming and i don't have lag issues.

Thank you for your ideas

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by Snuffy09 In reply to yep...


I will give xbmc a shot.

The only thing i worry about is the remote i have is for WMC - It has a button on it for starting wmc. Hopefully i can tweak it for xbmc.

So does MS have any intentions of fixing WMC? or are they just going to leave it "broken" like everything else?

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It's a M$ product so what else can you expect

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to TK

I'm sure if enough people complain to M$ they will do something but that may be remove it from use.

Not so much with that app as I don't use it have you tried reloading any videos that do not play. I've seen numerous examples where Net Devices Time out on the initial connection but will connect on the second or third attempt.


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by Snuffy09 In reply to It's a M$ product so what ...

I have tried to reload the videos many times.

It is frustrating because i can watch videos from youtube yahoo.movies ect. but when i use WMC to stream videos 98% dont work! Whats the point of even using media center then? i use the xbox media center now, and to watch movies i use power dvd 8. M$ can take their media center and stuff it! I uninstalled it

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