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    Windows Media Center streaming NETflix LAG!?


    by snuffy09 ·

    Windows 7 Pro
    4gb RAM
    AMD 6 core 2.8Ghz
    ATI 5750 Graphics card
    PCIx 16 sound ccard (i forget model)
    22mbs tested download speed from

    When I go to and play a movie it plays fine – no lag.

    When I use Windows media Center to stream netflix it gets choppy every 20 mins or so. This is very frustrating because I just ditched our DSL and upgraded to Cable thinking that was the issue. ( it was really bad when using 2 computers at the same time on the LAN)

    I tried uninstalling silverlight and installing current version. I also installed W7 SP1 and all other available windows updates.I did some other tweaks as well… Didnt help!

    I read there are issues with silverlight and netflix and people using other software like Boxee have had streaming issues. I tried what i found on the blogs but nothing helped.

    anybody have any ideas?


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