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Windows Media help

By Dussa333 ·
Hi, I have recorded myself on a USB recording device and there were 3 files recorded. 2 of the 3 files are working and operating correctly 1 file which recorded 119 MB of data is not playing? it's not the first time this has happened and have no idea how to fix. There is definitely a file there with recorded data, it opens up in windows and then... nothing.
Device is a non-name brand: PC Interface: USB, Recording Format: .WAV, Memory: 8GB similar to a VIM-TINYVOICE
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Next time tell what this device is.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Windows Media help

But if you research this issue, it's all too common with failures on almost all devices.

1. See if the content plays on the device.
2. Tell the forum what this device is.
3. ALWAYS try to play bad/broken files with VLC PLAYER. Always.
4. Finally there are some devices that make more than 1 file per recording. Those other files are NOT PLAYABLE. They often are informational files and not another video file. Because the device make, model and such is omitted here I will guess (badly.)

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Description updated.

by Dussa333 In reply to Next time tell what this ...

Thank you - I have updated the post with a little more about the details of the unit. It's used for UNI tutorials and recording myself when I study. I will try playing on VLC player as you suggested.

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Could this be a Vimel VIM-VOICETINY

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Description updated.

Anyhow there is no online manual so I'm going to guess it's the usual voice recorder that makes a few files per recording. Again, NOT ALL the files contain audio. This is how it is. Without a manual I'll guess the file that does not play is informational.

-> I have to ask. Why this device? If I needed to record myself I have my phone and a few other things.

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by Dussa333 In reply to Could this be a Vimel VIM ...

I did use my phone for a little - just found a separate device easier for uploading onto my PC and I just have this thing of not placing too much data on my phone! personal thing I guess. thanks for the feedback. It's 100% a file that I recorded on that particular day and not an informational file as suggested (although I know what you are talking about)
Just find it strange and frustrating that 1 out of the 3 files recorded on the same day is not playing .

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Back to the top.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Information

Did it:
1. Play on the device?
2. Play in VLC?

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by Dussa333 In reply to Back to the top.

YES! played in VLC - so grateful for your advice. Will go back and check another file that wouldn't play a couple of weeks ago - there error on that was codec related. Hoping that VLC plays that one too.
Many thanks

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Good to hear (pun intended.) One last thing.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Solved.

VLC Player can "transcode" or save this in another audio format so you aren't stuck with "only VLC can play these" problems.

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by Dussa333 In reply to Good to hear (pun intende ...

hahaha - thanks heaps for your assistance.

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