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I did not have this problem before, but got rid of vista and reinstalled xp, now my windows media player tells me that i cannot play dvd's (any)but i can play music, after editing video with pinnacle studio it would not burn to a disc, so i tried sony vegas, and it won't burn to a disc either, now i am hearing something about codec's...if i did not need to buy a codec program before why now, or is this the problem????

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There is a subtle but important difference ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to windows media player

Between Vista and XP.

Vista can burn to DVD by default. XP can't.

If you want to burn to DVD from XP, you'll have to install a DVD burner like Nero (or whichever burner of your choice).

You don't need to BUY codecs - you just Google for the latest pack, download and install.

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There are codecs which require purchase...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to There is a subtle but imp ...

Based on personal experience, I've seen Pinnacle (sp?) require that you purchase THEIR codecs to make the software work properly. So, if that software is installed, it could be taking control of the player.

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I didn't know that ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to There are codecs which re ...

However, if I ever bought software that then required me to purchase FURTHER pieces of code, I'd get very X-(

So far, I've always been :)

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I agree....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I didn't know that ...

It wasn't my choice of programs either when I bumped into the situation. Our PTB's had purchased the software and device that came with it to convert video tapes to DVD. The conversion went pretty straight forward, but the resulting DVD's were proprietary (needed Pinnacle to view them). In order to do the entire copy/convert from video to DVD and have them actually be usable by other people, they made us purchase their $10 codec from them. Believe me, I wasn't too happy either! I considered it to be no less than hostageware!

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by snide1 In reply to I agree....

well pinnacle is out of my computer now and i downloaded from toocows a free codec pak, now every thing is fine, but i have to learn how to use sony vegas...and i struggle with the numerous tracks......oh well...thanks for the info...

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