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Windows Media Player Driver "out of date"

By bigpygme ·
Running Win7 x64. every time i start Win Media Player, i get a message that says "your device is using an outdated driver that is no longer supported by Windows Media Player."

Huh ? it's whatever installed with Win7 ! i've searched M$ for an updated driver but can't find anything there. Update has not offerred me anything.

anyone else have this problem? or, better, anyone have a solution?

thanks lots !

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Have you checked Device Manager?

by NickNielsen In reply to Windows Media Player Driv ...

Open Device Manager by clicking on Start and typing DEVMGMT.MSC in the search box and pressing enter.

Check all your devices for the yellow bang (!) emblem. If you find any, go to the manufacturer's web site and download the most current drivers.

It's also possible that you have a USB device connected that is not properly supported under Win7 x64.

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YES, BUT what does a USB Driver have to do with Media Player ? ...

by bigpygme In reply to Have you checked Device M ...

thanks, Nick.
there WAS an unidentified device, apparently a USB player, that Win had "stopped because it had malfunctioned."
don't know how you suspected that, or how that might be connected to a problem with Media Player ...
i deleted "Unknown Device" in DevMgr. i'll let Win re-discover it next time i re-start and re-install something for it. meantime Media Player is still giving me the same message.

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I've had that problem myself

by NickNielsen In reply to YES, BUT what does a USB ...

For whatever reason, WMP wants to connect to every possible media device connected to your PC, whether or not you want it to.

I was able to get it to stop, but I was using WMP 10 in WinXP. Microsoft has an entire <a href="">series of discussions</a> on the subject.

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Use something else

by ajaypatel333 In reply to Windows Media Player Driv ...

so many media players out there!

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two things

by bigpygme In reply to Use something else

thx for your reply - what do you suggest for an alternative?
and i'd still REALLY like to get rid of the "Driver out of date" message, too. that is the main point of the question ...


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Sounds like a Codec which is the problem here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to two things

So this is likely to be of assistance.

Also you would probably get faster answers to questions if you posted them under Ask A Question not Start a Discussion.

I just seen thins for the first time today. :0


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