Windows Media Player (from v.10 to v.11)

By anggwaponi ·
my OS now is Win Server 2003 Standard Edition. and currently i'm also using Mozilla Firefox as my browser.

then i'm inclined to listen musics through online or streaming from different sites.

those streaming sites or links that i'm interested to visits only plays with media player in version Windows Media Player 11.

however, the media player that is installed or coupled with in Win Server 2003 Standard Edition is version Windows Media Player 10.

i would like to ask on inquire if their are ways or by any means that i can manage to install Windows Media Player 11 either by removing the current version of media player which is Windows Media Player 10 either to supersede or overwrite it?

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I'm afraid not

by TobiF In reply to Windows Media Player (fro ...

The following page shows that Media Player 10 SP2 IS the version for your OS.

Are you getting error notification that you must upgrade, or is it simply not working?
(If it's just not working, then it could be that you just need to add in a decoder for a new format.)

EditAdd: Here's a link to a page about codecs:
I don't know how well it matches your needs, since it was compiled for another version.

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by dayen In reply to I'm afraid not

11 runs fine on windows XP machine I find it strange that on sever 2003 it only goes to 10 and no update for 11 shows up I just tried it on my server 2003 Std

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Most normal people

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Strange

Don't try to run a Server Product as a Desktop Application.

Windows Server Products are very limited in their ability to do a lot of things related to Multi Media where their Desktop Products are very good at this.

Here I think you'll find that this is a perfect example of why a M$ Server Product is not ideal or suitable for most Desktops.


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tweaks & etc. (v.11!)

by anggwaponi In reply to Windows Media Player (fro ...

hi TobiF, dayen, & OH Smeg:)

thanks TobiF for the link about the codec but i guess it's only applicable for Windows 7. so sad that i'm really trying to manipulate how to overcome all this, shall i say a little setback. please advise if ever their are codecs related to Win Server 2003 SE SP2.

and dayen, looks like we have experienced the same situation. i hope you can share immediately and post it in here if you find some solutions.

well, perhaps OH Smeg is right that it's not advisable for Server Product to function as a Desktop Application.

however, i'm a little bit confuse since it has already Windows Media Player v.10 so it might be upgradeable either as part of Windows-updates or some 3rd party software.

in fact, other OS of MS Windows has already updated from the older version of it's media player to the current version which is now Windows Media Player since it might be to expensive or costly to change the OS just to adopt the newer version of media player.

hoping additional info will be shared in here:)


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Have you tried installing a different media player, then?

by seanferd In reply to tweaks & etc. (v.11!)

There are many available. VLC is designed to run on servers, so try that first.

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Windows Media Player ActiveX control for Firefox

by anggwaponi In reply to tweaks & etc. (v.11!)

hello seanferd:)

yes, i have already installed VLC. however, it doesn't solve the problem @ all.

i guess that since i'm using Mozilla Firefox as my browser, it doesn't support any for "Windows Media Player ActiveX control for Firefox".

in fact, i'm even wondering how truly important is Windows Media Player ActiveX control for Firefox that when sites or links from streaming or online really doesn't play

i wish i can post some screenshot in here but seems it doesn't allow so i'll just contend to my best explanation.

everytime i tried to install Windows Media Player v.11, that's usually i'm having trouble since Mozilla Firefox won't bind with an Active X.

well, hope their should be some ways on it.

any way, Merry Christmas to all:)

and cheers too!

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by seanferd In reply to Windows Media Player Acti ...

Is the plug-in in the WMP directory which Mozilla browsers use.

Have you tried re-installing FF after installing WMP? And which version of FF are you using?

But seeing as this is officially unsupported by MS, you are likely not going to get very far without a little hacking (or using another person's hack).

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