Windows Media Player inside webpage problems.

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I am finding for some time that I am unable to play live streaming video inside webpages like that on or any internet TV channel that uses Windows Media Player. Sometimes the media player starts off but halts almost immediately. Inside web pages when I click for streaming content, the media player shows 'READY' but doesnt buffer and load the conent and start playing. I did not have this problem even two months back but have had it since from some point in between - I dont know when exactly and after what possible installation/uninstallations that I may have carried out.

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What version of Media Player, and what version of Windows are you using?
Try this: refresh (reload) the browser page after your Media Player halts. If this doesn't work, right-click on the blank Media Player screen, select Error Details, copy down the information, and post the error back here or search it on the Internet, or at Finding out what the specific error is will help a lot.
It is possible that your codecs have changed, that the websites have changed something on their end, or that your connection is being dropped or timed-out due to networking issues on your machine, or in the network you are connected to. It is also possible that Windows has updated (is auto-update on?) and broke something.
Also, in some cases, renaming the Windows Media folder at %appdata%\local\microsoft\ may solve the problem. You could try just removing the space between the two words.
From the Bloomberg help page:
Q: What are the technical requirements to operate the Video Player?<br>
A:'s special Video Player requires a current Windows Media Player be installed in your system.<br>
Q: I have the required software, so why isn't my audio/video player working?<br>
A: If you are accessing Bloomberg audio or video from behind a firewall, as is the case in many business network environments, you must configure your audio video player to work from behind a firewall and/or with a proxy and, possibly, the firewall itself to handle streaming content. Ask your network administrator/ISP for assistance. Your player's help pages will have instructions on proxy, transport and playback setting.
Q: Why are the Bloomberg Radio and TV reports running slowly?<br>
A: During peak hours on our site, the increased number of users sometimes results in slowness for our radio and TV reports. Also, if you are accessing the reports from a location with an administrator, limits may have been set to limit the bandwidth that you are allowed to use.<br>
See also:<br><br>
for example.

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