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    Windows Media problem


    by phil ·

    When ever I go to a website that is using a windows media file, it never works. For example: My teacher went to and showed us some commercials. so when i got home i was going to show my family. but instead, it just sits there with the windows logo on the screen. I have gone through my internet security settings and enabled everything thinking i have a security issue but that didn’t help.
    Please help

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      Windows Media problem

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Windows Media problem

      A little more information would be helpful, particularly what OS (Win95, Win98, NT) and what browser (IE, Netscape) you’re using.
      Also, what version of the Windows Media Player (if any) you have loaded.

      If any of your components are too far behind, you can bring them up to date at the MS Windows Update site.

      It doesn’t sound like a security issue to me but more like there is a plug-in missing from your browser.

      Hope this helps start you down the right path to solve the problem…paul

      Paul M. Wright, Jr.
      McKay Technologies

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      Windows Media problem

      by dmiles ·

      In reply to Windows Media problem

      Launch the media player,to see what type of media files are configure for your copy of Media Player,select Device menu.To run AVI file,select the Video for windows option.This action displays the Open dialog box,from which you can select an AVI fileto run.
      You can also select File,Open and select the files of type drop-down list to display the types of files you can play back in Media Player
      Active Movie may not run properly due to hardware incompatibilities
      reference hardware compatibilitylist web site at
      search Display Adapter category

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