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How do I create a windows user that has privilage to push a stream from windows media encoder to windows media services. Which special permissions does he need? Im using windows web server 2008 R2

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what do you mean "push"

by CG IT In reply to Windows media services pu ...

the encoder creates the media from video. That media is then put on the media server. The media server then "streams" the content to users.

you can live or on demand content from the media server either to a WMP located on a web site or with live, directly to the PC in a uniicast broadcast to their WMP.

Best read some books

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I mean push as a way of getting the stream on server

by mpanc In reply to what do you mean "push"

With windows media encoder you have got two ways to deliver the stream to the windows media server, by using pull where the streaming server "pulls" the ip from the defined ip and port of the windows media encoder and by using push where the windows media encoder authentificates itself against the windows media server and delivers the stream to the server. Now my question is how to setup that kind of authentification on a windows 2008 R2 server.
Thank you

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once again is this for a live or recorded program

by CG IT In reply to I mean push as a way of g ...

live yes you push the content from the encoder to the media server for a unicast broadcast, recorded you don't push the content to the media server.

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