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Windows Message " Already Running!!!"

By jerrypoon ·
i was scanning windows for virus', trojans, reg problems, etc etc. i found lots of problems that were fixable by adware, stinger, and registry mechanic... however, i've been seeing the message "Already running!!!" pop up every half hour. so i was just wondering what that is, and how i could remove it.



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I have exactly the same problem Jerry, appears to be virus related but i cannot get rid of it yet (so far). It also appears to affect original DVD's that i was backing up by somehow affecting a chapter at the same time as the message appears. I had been transferring some music LP's via "LP Recorder" that would leave a spike in the music wave form at the time of the window appearing that was then copied and transferred onto the disk when written. If i get any luck i'll let you know.


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how did you go with this? i have been able to fix mine

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Explanation of what i fixed

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Not sure exactly how i fixed it but i can tell you what else was happening at the same time. I knew i had obviously picked up some sort of Trojan that was part of the problem but i didnt realise how bad. i had been running Norton Anti Virus 2003 and thought i was reasonably protected but i had an IT guy at work install the latest McAfee Virus Scan (up to date at 19th May) and on its first scan it found 72 trojans!!!!! as well as other spyware & pop-ups. I am using a broadband external modem, and what the self executing program was trying to do whenever the machine was turned on, was trying to dial out via my un-connected internal modem. i could hear the click as it engaged the modem looking for a dial tone, with its intent being to dial either one of a couple of dialers. I had Global dialer, Adult dialer, XXX dialer amongst others that i found. I disabled the modem so that it wouldnt be recognised, and then got a message saying "No modem installed" which
>en as "Already running" was doing.I am now running McAfee, Ad-aware, Registry Mechanic (good for programs that try and alter your registry settings), Spy-Bot 1.3 & frequently run Stinger manually. Since i've had all of them going i havent had a problem

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