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    Windows Messenger


    by pcmaint001 ·

    How to delete windows messenger or at least make it show up in Add & Remove Prograams

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      by systemsadmin ·

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      If you have windows xp you need to go to add remove programs and then on the side of the screen go to windows components and on the bottom of that list will be messenger, just take the tick out and it will go through the uninstall process. once you have done that you can delete the messenger folder from program files and that should remove it completly from your system.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      Sometimes Messenger doesn’t appear in the Windows Components so what I do when this happens is to install a newer version of Messenger remove the old version from the Windows Components and then through the Add Remove programs remove the new version.

      After that is done you can go in and manually remove the Messenger Folder just to make sure that none of it is left on the computer. If you have to do this on a lot of new computers for a company that are identical just do it on one and then clone the HDD as many times as required this is quite acceptable to MS on their Volume License Products and it saves you a lot of time.


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      by stykfigure ·

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      Windows Messenger or MSN messenger? I always just set the Messenger service to manual to keep Windows messenger from being a pain.

      Start menu; Run…; Open: Services.msc

      Scroll to the Messenger service, double-click on it and set to manual. Then click & .

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      by intel inside me ·

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      Well first you have to have Service Pack 2, and after that you can have it in componets.


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