Windows Mobile Device over VPN

By abernut ·
Here is my strange situation.

I have a VPN set up between our offices in VA and FL.

Everything works fine with the exception of a device that has windows mobile 5.0 loaded on it. That device can ping accross the VPN via IP and via Host name. BUT I am unable to map to a shared drive accross the VPN.

The subnet for VA is
The subnet for FL is

I have even put a TC in with Microsoft..we are on day three with no answer. For $260.00 you'd think they could of helped by now.

Thank you.

Joe the Plumber

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by ---TK--- In reply to Windows Mobile Device ove ...

The wnidows mobile 5.0 device.... Is it a Cell phone / PDA? if so who is the carrier? Also how are you accessing the VPN from the Device?

Verizon cell phones/ some PDA's have restrictions built in to the firmware.

Also have you tried, just typing \\SErver\Folder ect.? V.S. mapping a share drive? If the first one works, you could save the location as a fav. and just click the fav. when you want to access it...

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More info

by abernut In reply to interesting

Interesting indeed..

The device is a symbol scanner that connects to the network via a built in wireless card which is using DHCP. I thought maybe it was an issue with the wireless but I can connect to the wireless signal with a laptop and map drives across the VPN.

As far as mapping with the mobile...

I have tried:
\\IP of server
\\IP of server\SharedFloder

I am at a loss.

Someone said that windows mobile cannot map to share drives to networks on a different subnet. If this was the case....I would think the tech that is in charge of my ticket at MS would of said something by now.

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by ---TK--- In reply to More info

The people were right about the subnets, how ever you are on the same subnet

The subnet for VA is
The subnet for FL is

/24 and /24 are the same.

I have a mobile 2003 device that I do the exact thing with... VPN into my network then access my shares... or even RDC the PC remotely...

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by abernut In reply to Subnets....

I may have to brush up on my subnetting skills but I'm pretty sure they are on different subnets. Maybe my slash notation is wrong but an
IP of /
is an entirely different network than /

If assign a static IP of to a device on my will not work.

What type of device are you using?

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by ---TK--- In reply to Subnets

your probably right... I always sucked at subneting...

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by abernut In reply to ..

You stated in one of your previous posts that if it is on a different will not work. Where did you find this info at.

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