Windows Multi Point Server 2011 clients running slow

By deerek11 ·
Hello, I have a Multi-Point Server 2011with a Intel xeon x5600 2.8ghz 24Gb memory 8Gb usable 64bit system with 13 thin clients Atrust m220 thin clients .... All of my clients are moving really slow ... when you type you have to type one letter at a time if not it may type a few letters of each letter you have type ...I have it running threw the office network Cisco SG200-26 Port GB smart Switch, does this sound more like a configuration problem or cabling .... any directions??

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At a high level

by robo_dev In reply to Windows Multi Point Serve ...

Was this working fine at some point?

Then the question is, what changed?

The first stop would be looking at the server....what is the level of processor utiization, are there error messages in the logs, etc. Is this system exposed to the Internet, and if so, is it well protected. If the system is rootkitted or virus infected it will run slow.

As a simple test, plug the server into any old ethernet switch along with one client. Does that one client work properly?

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Reponse To Answer

by deerek11 In reply to At a high level

New installed but I was put in the loop after it was all setup ... but I do understand the server has been reloaded once to rule out if the software was install incorrectly. I haven't been able to do that one test to take the office network out of the equation and just run the server by itself on a switch by itself with only one client but since I had never worked on multipoint server I didn't know if the spec's of the server may have been an issue or if the Atrust m220 thin clients may have been an issue ....

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to At a high level

If I had to guess, it could be something simple like the clients are connecting at 100/Half and the switch is running at 100/Full. This will cause massive packet loss and huge delays. Telnet to the switch and look at the port error statistics.

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