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windows multibooting problem,help!!!!!!

By sineer ·
i have install XP professional in my desktop and my system partition is NFTS,the other is i have to install another os win98,but microsoft support say it is impossible.they told me i have to uninstall XP and then install 98 first,then install XP.but by doing so,i will not only waste more time but also risk losing my important application and data.
can you help me? it is very important, hope you will help.thanks!!!!!!!

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Jakey workaround

by The Chad In reply to windows multibooting prob ...

There is a way you could try to work around the whole mess:

Set up a floppy (remember those?) to boot you up and fire up Windows 98 on your drive, or whatever it is. Microsoft is correct in that you will never be able to put Win98 on your primary partition.

Maybe you can explain why you need 98 -- I can't think of any good reason, except to play some older games that don't recognize XP.

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plenty of apps

by ahunter6 In reply to Jakey workaround

There are plenty of apps, especially proprietary, that apcompat.exe just balks at. there are several engineering/sales apps that cannot be used in 2k that are critical to some people I support. (Several hundred people, actually)
at any rate, resizing and setting up a new partition ought to be plenty enough-again, they are right that 98 will never install to an NTFS device. setup another partition within the 1024 boundary and install 98 to that with a fat32 format. you'll probably have to do it with a 3rd party app like system commander or partion magic ( i prefer PM) because a 98 start up floppy using fdisk will require wiping the drive.

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