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Windows needs a better multi desktop view.

By josephinemiguel111 ·
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I use linux as my primary OS for all my home computers and one of the things I love about it is how GNOME and KDE handle multiple virtual desktops. With one button I can access and move my open programs between virtual desktops with ease.

Now at work I use windows 10 and for the most part I would say I don't mind it! It pretty fast and fluid and generally handles my work flow well. However where it falls short in a major way is how it handles multiple virtual desktops. I have a dual monitor setup and 3 virtual desktops. There seems to be no good way to move windows between these spaces. Windows tab view makes to scroll between the desktops and then when you move a window takes you out of the overview experience.

As someone who is constantly moving stuff around it's just a it tedious. So I'm both curious as to whether there is something I'm missing or if this is just something windows 10 hadn't ironed out yet.
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I'm sure we can fix some of that.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Windows needs a better mu ...

I use AUTOHOTKEY when I want to automate items and bring them down to a single button press. But then you have folk that want that built into the OS!

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Here's a good tutorial from our sister site

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Windows needs a better mu ...
This should help you get the most out of virtual desktops with Windows.
ps...multiple desktops have been available in Windows for a LONG time...even. as far back as Win3X that I know of, required use of "powertoys".

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multi desktop

by whitearon71 In reply to Windows needs a better mu ...

yes agreed, there are definitely certain issues with the native system for multi desktop view. for the uninitiated here's an article

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