Windows Network - Locking down folder structure

By Erik-myIT ·
I have a client company where they have a network share that everyone needs full access to.

This is fine, except some of the older employees are accidentally dragging document folders all over the place. I recently had to restore all client subfolders under the folder 'A' from a backup because someone accidentally dragged them off of the network.

We've spent over a year trying to train these older users to not do this, with their ability to not lose things not improving.
The owner of the company is getting frustrated with this, but also has no intention of getting rid of his employees(nor are we going to suggest it).
A database or other product won't really do the job because they have to be able to edit the files via WordPerfect and very quickly/efficiently; also, the user training with a new product would be a nightmare.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can stop them from being able to edit/move folders, but yet have the ability to create folders and edit their content?

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Delete is easy

by Kenone In reply to Windows Network - Locking ...

Go into Advanced Settings and take their delete and delete files and subfolders rights away. Move is a little harder. In order to edit the file I think they have to be able to move it, not sure tho.

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preventing moving is key

by Erik-myIT In reply to Windows Network - Locking ...

That's the exact same conclusion I came to. I'm not really worried about deletion, but about moving.

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There are no easy answers here

by OH Smeg In reply to preventing moving is key

Assuming they they are using WP 12 or latter can you Educate them to use the Cut & Paste instead of the Drag & Drop function of Windows?


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thanks for trying

by Erik-myIT In reply to There are no easy answers ...

They never intentionally drag/drop; this is all accidental (they're a bit clumsy using the keyboard/mouse).

Thanks for the help. It doesn't look like there's an easy answer here.

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