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By michaeltopper518 ·
I'm having a rough time - hopefully I've come to the right place.

I'm an IT consultant for a small business but my strengths are database reporting and desktop support. The challenge I'm facing is managing our network.

The topography:

We have one server (Win 2003) that handles exchange, AD, hosts several database servers, and serves as network storage for clients. There are about 10 client PCs (XP Pro).

The clients and server connect up to a switch. Plugged into the switch is a router. The router has a modem in the uplink port. DSL - static IP and DNS servers are assigned by ISP and these are defined in the router config (including PPPOE settings). DHCP is disabled on the router.

The server is set to handle DHCP for LAN clients. The LAN network properties contains DNS settings, gateway, subnet information defined as opposed to automatically discover (since the router isn't handling DHCP).

Does this sound right? Something must be wrong because I'm having all sorts of server/client communication issues. Example - I can ping the server from any client but the server cannot ping ALL clients, just some.

DNS problems? General config? I know this is a pretty broad issue I'm presenting and certainley I haven't been specific enough for someone to come along and pinpoint with any amount of great accuracy just what my problem is (despite not being a qualified network admin ) but my hope is that the issue is something so network sophomore year knowledge that I will be able to resolve with some guidance.

Thanks in advance for reading and doubly so if you have some good (constructive) advice.


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