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Windows networking

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I have two servers. 1 server has windows 2000 professional , mail server , as wel as internet connectionsharing, and 1 netwrk card is connected to the switch. and other is connected to a dsl modem to the internet. the other server is windows 2000 server active directory, and we have 6 machines with windows xp pro installed and all being authenticated by the server win2k, domain. and there are other pcs which r not authinticated by the server they r just in the workgroup but different name of the work group. and the server with windows 2000 professional is not authenticated with the windows 2k server. all the pcs in the netwrk is dynamically given ip 4rm the windows 2000 professnal whihc has internet connection sharing enabled. the problemi am facing is that whcn going to any of the windows 98 clinets pcs which are not authenticated by the server from the windows xp machines it takes lot of time to go the a shared drive and somtimes it also asks for a passwrd which is left blank and it takes almost 2 min to go to any of the workgrouped computers.can it be becouse the 6 pcs and the windows 2000 server is switiched on late after all other pcs are switched on cus they pcs are in the directors office. others are inthe admimistration.

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Windows networking

by mshavrov In reply to Windows networking

There are many things which may cause this. First thing, you didn't mentioned: do you use WINS server? Sure MS says they are going away from WINS, but from the practice, especially if you have mixed environment, you better to use it. Install and enable this service on your server. Another way, since you have very small network, you may just create LMHOSTS file and distribute it along all workstations. This things allow you to eliminate network delay, caused by NetBIOS name resolution.

Another thing. You mentioned that you use Active Directory, but do you have Active Directory Client on Windows 98 machines? If not, do you configure them as DOMAIN or WORKGROUP members? Try to play with this. Another thing - read what Microsoft tels about creating USER and COMPUTER accounts in Active Directory.

Good luck.

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by admin In reply to Windows networking

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